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Pick Your Apocalypse

Abandoned City, ApocalypticThe end is nigh.

Or maybe it’s not. I mean, what is “nigh” anyway? Is it tomorrow? Next week? A billion years from now?

Anyway, we all know the world will end. Someday. The only question is how and when.

But the “when” is not really important for the purposes of this post. Just the “how.”

So, how will the the world end?

That’s up to you.

First, check out this After Hours episode from Cracked:

Note: it’s not especially work or kiddo friendly…so, you’ve been warned.


Elmo. Is. Coming. For. You.

Now, you tell us which apocalypse you would pick (if you pick…which you probably can’t…so you might want to be prepared for them all…just saying)? Would it be aliens? Robots? Zombies? Pandemic? Asteroids? Elmo clone attack?

I kinda favor a Day After Tomorrow scenario. See, if I had to fight something, I’m pretty sure I’d lose and get eaten or enslaved or whatever (which really makes me want to go exercise right now).  And asteroids have all that agony of knowing about them ahead of time and waiting until they strike. At least a flash freeze would be a quick way to go.
So which apocalypse would you pick and why. You can share in the comments section below or share via blog post and linky.

Image Attribution (In Order of Appearance):
Abandoned City by lrargerich, on Flickr CC BY 2.0
my tickle me Elmo TMX by Adam Foster | Codefor, on Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

15 thoughts on “Pick Your Apocalypse

  1. Got a problem viewing videos right now, but I can say that I live in the woods and am fully prepared to survive come what may. I’ve been collecting survival gear and knowledge for years. Really, the gear isn’t as important as the skills. With that, you just use whatever natural materials are available and don’t worry about getting dirty! You’d be surprised how simply one can live.

  2. Since my beloved Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 and haven’t been to one since 1945, I just know the clouds are going to roll back like a scroll and the Lord is going to return…with two outs in the 9th inning of game 7 and my Cubbies one out away. I just know it! 😉

  3. @Emma: Good point. But what kind of weapon would be ideal? Something quiet like a crossbow or fast like a gun?

    @David: *blush* Okay, you got me. 😀

    @Jo: Very true. You have to be resourceful and creative. Can I come stay with you when the world ends? 😀

    @Jimmy: Now I’ve got that scene from The Holy Grail in my head. The one where the clouds roll back and God tells the knights to stop bowing and scraping. LOL

  4. While I agree with David and James, the fantasy nut in me prefers the zombie scenario. Or vampires…which I know you didn’t offer. Oh…and I hope James gets his Cubbies win first. As a life-long Red Sox fan, I can identify with his pain.

  5. I’d prefer an apocalypse in which people knew an apocalypse was coming. For example, a giant meteorite collision. And they went around looting and pillaging and abusing and murdering. Generally being selfish and violent and criminally insane . . and then NEWS FLASH- apocalypse cancelled. Some scientist had accidentally moved a decimal, and the meteor’s not gonna hit after all. Everybody is standing around embarrassed and regretful, and wondering how to explain themselves to their friends and families. And then one of the fires set by the looters burns through the safeguards at a nuclear weapons facility, triggering an automatic nuclear war. Ta-da! The apocalypse happens after all.

  6. I’ll also go with David & James, but for fantasy’s sake, I kinda like CMStewart’s. I think I want a thriller of some sort, warning ahead of time so I can feel like I can try to do something about it, but I want a killer dude with six-pack abs at my side so to protect me. No zombies, but with my brain and his brawn, we’d be counted in the few survivors who holed up somewhere and got to start over.

  7. I’ve got a team of friends ready to take on the Zombie apocolypse. Seriously, if you don’t sit around and discuss this with friends at least once, you’re just not having enough fun. I’m all for a good bow and, in a pinch, I am trained with a katana and have several swords at my disposal. 😉

  8. One of my co-writers and I are working on one about survivors after “The Knowing” Does that count? 😉

  9. @Jeff: Everything’s on the table. You can totally have vampires or vampires and zombies (like Chuck Wendig LOL).

    @Cynthia: You. Are. Awesome. 😀

    @Jennifer: I like the countdown idea too. Ups the tension.

    @Mike: Alpacalypse. Bwahahahahahaha. Love it.

    @Nikki: Oh yeah. I’ve totally had the “what would you do in a zombie apocalypse” discussion with friends. We’ve weighed the merits of various weapons and hiding places. LOL

    @Keystone: Most definitely. 😀

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