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Which Apocalypse Would be Most Fun?

The world as we know it gone. Do you spend the rest of your post-apocalyptic life pining for the world that was or you move on to the new one? And which post-apocalyptic wasteland would you most want to live in?

First, go check out 4 Movie Apocalypses That Would Be More Fun Than Reality at Cracked. (Note: Contains naughty language. You’ve been warned 😉 )

I found the Water World argument oddly compelling and now I kinda want some gills too. I’d totally rock gills. Okay…maybe not.

What about you? Which apocalypse scenario are you most likely to survive? What post-apocalyptic world would you most want to live in?

14 thoughts on “Which Apocalypse Would be Most Fun?

  1. Well, my Apocalypse is based on what is probably a more likely scenario than others, that is, something like The Stand. A superflu like the 1918 Spanish flu strikes with lethal virulence, super transmissibility (airborne), and a long incubation. Most of the world’s population dies, but in these situations there is always a small population which has immunity. Those that survive would have to put the fragments of society back together again. I envision a return to living more naturally and in harmony with our surroundings, much like the Native Americans used to. Of course a Mad Max society is much more likely, what with all the gun nuts, racists, militarists, and teens (read this morning’s headline) who kill people just ’cause they’re bored and there’s nothing better to do. Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t be pretty.

    1. I think people haven’t changed much in all the time we’ve been around. I think there were war-mongering people and peaceful people in every era. Some eras seem more violent but maybe that’s just the influence of particularly charismatic leaders or environmental stress. I think it could go either way in the apocalypse. The biggest factor would be the leaders.

      1. True, who steps up and fills that vacuum is all important, but I worry about the more violent elements in our society who would no longer be restrained by the boundaries of a lawful society. Hopefully we never have to find out!

        1. The idea of a charismatic leader freed from the constraints of society scares me. We’ve already seen how devastating they can be on the “small” scale. One can only imagine if such a person could be completely unfettered by law and order.

          In fact, there’s a guy like that in my WIP. *shudder* 🙂

  2. Oh no, now you’ve got me thinking! and I don’t have time to ponder this and give it the attention it needs. Ha! Although, I love the concept of Water World. But how clean would it be? 🙂

  3. I haven’t finished it yet, but I like the post-apocalyptic world of Battle Angel Alita. Everyone lives in a giant scrapyard except for the rich who live in a city called Tiphares, high above the earth. The idea of living in a place where you can get scrounge for parts and build things really appeals.

  4. This is tough. I don’t like fish too much food-wise, so no Water World. I don’t like the idea of being chased by zombies or vampires, so no to I am Legend, Walking Dead, etc. I live in Detroit so I’m used to violent, roving gangs. So I guess I’ll go with Mad Max/The Road – Kidding, kidding. Detroit really isn’t as bad as the media portrays it 🙂

    But I’d still go with Mad Max/The Road. If history can gives us clues, I think survivors would sort themselves out into people who wanted a peaceful, settled life who would build defendable settlements, and those who would prefer to be roving bands that would attempt to steal/raid. The thing with a post-apocalypse world is that there would be _a lot_ of empty space to spread out. This would lessen conflict I think.

    1. LOL. I’m not a big fish fan either. I am trying though. Fast zombies would suck.

      You’ve made a good argument about the Mad Max world. Although the violent, roving gangs do put a damper on things. At least fast zombies can’t strategize…yet. 😀

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