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What Would You Do if Money Was No Object?

*ROW80 update at the bottom of the post

Some years ago, I shared the video below. I’m sharing it again today because I find it deeply inspiring and hope you will too.

It asks a question we should ask ourselves on a regular basis:

What would you do with your life if money was no object?

It’s a question about passion and how you want to share your gifts with the world. So often we dismiss our dreams because we’re told they’ll never amount to a “real job.” We don’t stop to think there’s a different way to go about it all. And that we can always find a way, if we look hard enough…even if that way sometimes leads us in a different direction than we imagined.

So what would you do?

See the original post here.


Time for the midweek ROW80* check in.

Everything’s on target so far (see this week’s goals here), with the exception of my writing goals, but there’s good reason for that…

I goofed on my scene list. Somehow, I managed to forget two scenes which fall between STO and LLF. Yes, two. The first scene is closely tied to STO, so I call that STO2. I call the second scene M.

I’m almost finished with STO2. I expect M to go quickly. I might still be able to finish the LLF rewrite I had planned this week. *fingers crossed*


*ROW80, also known as a Round of Words in 80 days is an opportunity for us to set goals (for writing and/or other areas) and share them with a community ready to keep you accountable and cheer you on. If you’re interested in ROW80, you can find more info here and the latest check in post here.


How goes your ROW?

3 thoughts on “What Would You Do if Money Was No Object?

  1. This really was a great and inspirational video. Thank you for sharing this 😊 By the way, my Kenji Kawai post is up, if you are still interested in it 😀

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