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ROWses Are Red…

…Violets are blue.  We all know setting goals is good for you.

Roses Red

It’s been a very long time since I participated in ROW80 and a recent post by Nicole Evans detailing her progress on her long and short term goals inspired me.

The current ROW80 round began July 3, but folks are welcome to jump in at any time. So here I go.



Long Term Goal: Complete the “official” first draft of my WIP manuscript by the end of this year.

Short Term Goal: Finish the scene I’m currently reworking (let’s call it STO) and begin the next.


I’ve got a strings camp coming up next week. My daughter, who plays the violin, and I are both participating. She’s been playing for 2.5 years, and I’ve been playing for 2.5 months, but the camp is for all levels. We’ve both been working on the music for several weeks now, and most of my cello goals revolve around gaining the skill necessary to make it through the camp and the finale performance.

Long Term Goal: To be able to play any piece I choose smoothly, easily and with good intonation and passion.

Short Term Goals:

A minimum of 2 hours of daily practice on the weekends, including at least 30 minutes dedicated to improving my ability to play in tune and hear when I’m out of tune.

During the week, in addition to the 2.5 hours of practice at camp, I’ll practice a minimum of an hour daily with at least 30 minutes dedicated to improving tune.


Long Term Goals: Improve over all fitness, especially strength, flexibility and endurance.

Short Term Goals: Continue to use intermittent fasting while keeping my nutritional levels up and work out at least 5 days a week (fairly short, gentle workouts due to an ankle injury).


Wrap up the homeschool year and prep for this fall.

Reinstitute family game/movie night once a week.


ROW80, aslo known as a Round of Words in 80 days is an opportunity for us to set goals (for writing and/or other areas) and share them with a community ready to keep you accountable and cheer you on. If you’re interested in ROW80, you can find more info here and the latest check in post here.

What are your current goals? How is it going so far?

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Roses Red, mine. | CC BY 2.0

23 thoughts on “ROWses Are Red…

  1. That is great that you have goals that you can put down in writing. Awesome to keep positive and shoot for such dreams.

  2. Great post 😀! I used to do this a lot myself in the past as well. Just name lists, and put a few goals on it to achieve. It was really satisfactory when you managed to achieve those goals as well. Good luck with these the coming month, hope you will succeed on them 😀

  3. What a coincidence. I started intermittent fasting a few days ago after finding a few videos on the subject. Can’t say that I have noticed any difference yet, apart from being hungry in the mornings.

    1. I use buttered coffee in the am. It doesn’t break the fast but curbs hunger. I also have to keep carbs lower (like 50gm or lower and sometimes up to 100gm) to get good results. For carbs, I eat mostly veggies. Only a little rice and almost no fruit.

      1. Maybe I should cut the fruit, but it feels wrong given the nutritional and fibre benefits. I am drinking more coffee than usual, but no butter. If I start having that it feels like I might as well return to having a bowl of Weetabix in the morning.

  4. I think it’s great that you have a music goal and it’s something you can share with your daughter. How fun! Good luck!

  5. That’s really cool that you and your daughter are doing this camp together. It sounds challenging, but the kind of challenging that will be emotionally gratifying in the end. Though… 2-1/2 hrs of practice a day seems very intense unless you’re thinking of becoming a professional musician.

    The rest is pretty cool too. Though… how buttered coffee doesn’t actually “break a fast” confuses me. Isn’t that still adding fat calories?

    1. We’re really enjoying the camp. It is a lot of practice, but I needed to aquire about a year’s worth of skills in 3 months to do the camp (or, at least, to do it well), so it’s been necessary. 😀

      As for buttered coffee…yeah, it’s a strange idea. I’m not clear on all the science behind it, but the idea is that protein and carbs are what trigger digestion and break the fast. I don’t know about that, but I do know the buttered coffee keeps me from being hungry when doing intermittant fasting and helps me lose weight without an overall reduction in calories. It also seems to have balanced out my metabolism, because I don’t have dips in energy anymore and I don’t get that sick feeling when I’m really hungry. Even on the days I don’t use the buttered coffee.

      1. Neat! I’d heard of the buttered coffee idea before, but since I don’t drink coffee (too bitter, imho), I never tried it. But having something small like that makes sense… Maybe I can figure out something equivalent in a tea-version. Thanks for explaining it… now I should leave you alone so you can get caught up on some of that practice and still enjoy it as you do.

  6. Oh, the homeschool stuff!

    We’re radical unschoolers, which should mean less of that – but live in a state with high recording and testing requirements. My son, 16 in September, will need to be reported for another entire school year despite having met all requirements already, because of state laws. So we’ll list his independent study and progress toward independent living – something he is actively moving toward.

    And the cello –

    Last winter, he mentioned in a conversation that he’d like to learn to play the cello. Money has been stretched for the last year, so we both knew it wasn’t likely. But then, the very next day, one of his friends decided to sell her cello, and we were able to make time payments, a bit deferred, and save a little on the cost.

    So he now has a cello – but no idea how to play. He’d like lessons, at least to get started, because he feels that’s important. But the money still isn’t there, so we’re a bit stuck.

    If you know any resources that might give him something to work with until we can manage lessons, I’d love to hear them!

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed camp, and that your prepping and wrapping up are leaving you some time to write! I love the way your goals are laid out, and your profile made me smile!

    Nice meeting you! =D

    1. Nice meeting you too!

      We lean more towards the unschooling but have been more curriculum oriented this last year as it was my daughter’s first high school year. We stay flexible though.

      As for the cello, I’m taking lessons but I’ve found a few great resources on YouTube that have helped enormously. I’ll gather a list for you. One of the YouTubers I can think of off hand is Sarah Joy.

      We’re on the third day of camp today. It’s going well. I’m getting nervous about putting my still very new skills to the test at the finale, but it’s a student orchestra performace after all. Most people will be thrilled we can play anything remotely resembling a song. LOL.

      Thanks for your encouraging words!!!

  7. I love that you have your goals structured and organized 🙂 I should try to do the same. I’ve been living by the seat of my pants lol
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! No obligation to participate of course, but it’s right here if you’d like to check it out! Liebster Award

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