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Thrill Me: Summer Movie List

*ROW80 update at the bottom of the post

Ah, yes, it’s summer again. Around here, summer lasts roughly half the year and the temperatures average 542°F.

Okay…maybe I’m exaggerating. But not by much.

Fortunately, there are a few good movies to watch while we hide out from the heat.

This summer, I’m all about the thrill. Give me some horror, a little adventure, a touch of psychological disturbance and maybe a super hero or two.

There are two upcoming releases I’m super-duper excited to see:

The Dark Tower series is my all-time favorite Stephen King story. I can hardly wait to see how they’ve translated it into film.



I read IT around sixth grade (clearly, I needed more adult supervision with my reading choices). It’s still on my list as one of the scariest stories ever.

I’m planning to reread the novel before I see the movie.


There are several movies I missed in the theater, but I’ll be just as happy watching them on video:

I’m a little hesitant with M. Night Shyamalan movies. Sometimes they work for me, other times… But Split was highly recommended to me, so I’ll give it a chance.


The original Resident Evil movie is one of my favorites. Of course I have to see all the installments, including Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.


The trailer for A Cure for Wellness reminds me a bit of Shutter Island and American Horror Story: Asylum. How could that not be fun?


Ah, Life. We all know alien life forms are always evil. Why do people keep looking for them?


Alien: Covenant is another case where the original movie is one of my favorites, compelling me to see how the rest of the story turns out.


I’ve grown rather fond of the seemingly endless Spider-Man reboots. I hear Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t another origin story, so that’s a plus.


And here’s the ROW80* update:

This week’s goals are coming along nicely. Now, I just need to keep up the pace for the rest of the week.


Still working on the STO scene. I’d hoped to have it done by today, but I knew that’d be a stretch. I think I’m on track to finish by the end of the week.


I’m putting in lots more than the minimums I set, to the tune of 45-50 minutes daily. I’m tempted to raise the minimums but reluctant to do so until I know I can consistently put in these kind of hours.


Now that I’m back to a normal routine, the intermittent fasting is no problem, and I’ve been able to increase my workout time for each session.


*ROW80, also known as a Round of Words in 80 days is an opportunity for to set goals (for writing and/or other areas) and share them with a community ready to keep you accountable and cheer you on. If you’re interested in ROW80, you can find more info here and the latest check in post here.


For my fellow ROWbots (or anyone working on a goal or two): How’s it going?

For everyone: What’s on your summer watch list?

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How to Conquer NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is really just around the corner now. Are you ready and raring to go?

I’m not sure about the ready or the raring. I think I’m good to go but the doubties have begun to creep into my head. This year has been busier than ever and the choice to join NaNoWriMo seems crazier the closer Nov 1 gets. But I’m determined to make it happen…mostly because I have a full story plan and am way too impatient to weather another 6 months writing a draft. I need this to happen soon or else. Continue reading “How to Conquer NaNoWriMo”

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Why You’ll Never Have to Worry About a Zombie Apocalypse

…or Will You?

Have you been super duper stressed about the possibility of  a zombie apocalypse? Or maybe you don’t really believe but you watched one too many episodes of The Walking Dead and now you can’t sleep until you can shoot a squirrel off the shoulder of an undead pizza delivery guy. Well, rest assured that a zombie apocalypse is totally nothing to worry about. offers 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly).

Zombie Birdie
Braaaaaaaaaaainzzzzzzzzz aaaaaannnnnndddd wooooooooormmmmmms…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find the article terribly comforting and hilarious but… Continue reading “Why You’ll Never Have to Worry About a Zombie Apocalypse”

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What’s on Your Fall Watch List?

Fall is (finally) here.

Around here, it felt like fall would never get here. In fact, it’s still in the low 80s. *grumble grumble*

But anyway.

The best thing fall is…the new tv shows.

Okay, maybe it’s a toss-up between the new shows and Thanksgiving dinner.  But, while Turkey Day only lasts until all the leftovers run out (or you get sick of them), there are at least a few shows to keep your mental belly full all season long.

Here’s what’s on my list:

The Blacklist

James Spader strikes a Hannibal Lecteresque pose with his own fascinating twist and everyone has a secret agenda. Good stuff so far.


Sleepy Hollow

Apocalypse. American history. Mythology. A classic American scary story and an anachronistic hero. What isn’t there to love?


The Walking Dead

This is one of those shows I hate to love. It just gets more and more intense every season and there’s no guarantee your most loved characters will survive (or stay sane).


And one that’s premiering Friday:


Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Oh my. It has to be good.

I see all the shows on my list are pretty dark. Apparently, I have to branch out a little. Guess I better go research some comedies.

Right after I watch the last episode of The Walking Dead again.

What’s on your watch list this fall?

Killer Thursdays

Is This The End of Everything?

December 21, 2012. The Apocalypse?

Image by susivinh (Susana Fernandez) on Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Nearly thirteen years ago, hubby (then fiancé) and I toasted the new year with a few good friends. Y2K was everywhere. Some folks devoutly believed the end was upon us. Some folks thought it was a lot of bunk. Most of us probably considered the whole business unlikely…but entertained the wee littlest of doubts. Until the clock hit midnight and kept right on ticking, none of us would know for sure. Continue reading “Is This The End of Everything?”

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What if You Were Taken?

Into the Dark by Stacy Green

Casablanca Lily

What if you had a secret admirer? What if your secret admirer was romantic, thoughtful and refined, sending you elegant flowers and remembering your favorite poetry? What if your secret admirer was brilliant and patient, planning just the right moment to bring you together?

What if your secret admirer built a getaway for just the two of you, deep in the dark maze of tunnels beneath Las Vegas.

For always?

What if your secret admired would do anything, go through anyone, to get to you?

What if there was nothing you could do to stop it? Continue reading “What if You Were Taken?”

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What Are You Thankful For?

Oh yeah? Happy Thanksgiving to you too, buddy.

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays around the Medeiros house. There’s my father-in-law’s secret ingredient turkey, so tender, juicy and delicious (pssst, the secret ingredient is not an ingredient but the cooking method, roasting in a brown paper bag…don’t tell anybody). There’s the pumpkin pie, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, rolls, kimchi, sweet potato casserole, cranberry green beans…


Whoa. Sorry. Food coma. And that’s just from writing about it. Continue reading “What Are You Thankful For?”