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Here you’ll find mainly flash fiction and a short story or two.

A little bit about flash fiction before we go on. Shall we? Flash fiction is not precisely a short story. A short story, to be effective, must have all the structure of any story. It must have a beginning, middle and end. It must have satisfying plot and/or character arc. Its major difference from a novel is the size and scope of the story. A novel give you room to tell an epic tale with many threads woven together. A short story must be tightly focused. Flash fiction must be more focused still. It should be gut punch that communicates a sense of story, even if it doesn’t quite meet the strict structural requirements of story. If a novel is like a cross-country journey, then a short story would be a night on the town and flash fiction would be like the lights coming up in a dark room just long enough for you to see the shape of the thing slinking towards you.

Browse my wares, if you will.

Be warned. Some of these items have teeth.

Flash Fiction

50 Word Stories

The Reply
Behind the ancient, rusted mailbox, she looks for his reply.

The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo
He caught me in the alley, the man with the teardrop tattoo…

I Used to be Someone Else
The world is dying, but at the Sandbar drinks are half price.

The Box
He told you, whatever you do, don’t open it. But he should have known better.

Note: You’ll find this piece at the bottom of the Sacrifices repost.


100 Word Stories

Featured Story: What’s in My Head

“Shhh. Stop that,” they say. “You know what happens if you don’t.”

I can’t stop. The Old Ones are too close. I can feel them whispering in my bones.

They put me in the room. Soft, white walls. Strap me into the pretty jacket with all the shiny buckles.

“Behave.” They close the door.

It doesn’t matter. What’s in my head is out there now.

The world cracks like an egg. Darkness spills in.

I feel them reaching for me but they won’t find me.

I rest against the soft walls and listen to the screaming begin.

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250 Word Stories

We all make sacrifices…


500 Word Stories

Change is in the Air
Puberty is hard, especially when you’re the late bloomer in a distinguished family of werewolves.

The Machine
The machine opens a gateway between worlds.

A Lovely Conundrum
Francis and Beatrice find an enigma wrapped in a conundrum.

Postcards from Hell
Neither the apocalypse nor death with keep the mailman from his delivery.

Ants in the Mailbox – Postcards from Hell, Part 2
The postman delivered his message at last. The rest is up to Steve and Deanna.

Note: Postcards from Hell and Ants in the Mailbox were the inspiration for my novel in progress.

“Why is the sky black?”

“It’s the end of the world, baby. Look.”

Just Another Day on the Job
A common fire sprite in the city park. A Type III Banded troll in the suburbs. It’s all just another day on the job.

Paper Airplanes
“There are doors between here and there, Mr Walker,” said the man in the tweed jacket.

In Time
In my dream, I make it home in time.

Moon Dance
“Gather, children,” the old one said. “I shall tell you how Moon King learned to dance.


Short Stories

The Moon-Blessed (A Short Story)
But then the Betrayers came. They rejected the Gift and the world fell into Darkness. The Old Ways must be kept Sa’renna. The Gift must not be rejected.”

Ba’thor falls silent and Sa’renna turns to him. He grins at her in the moonlight, his teeth bright against dark lips. The faint smell of decay drifts off his body. His eyes are like dark pits, holes in the night sky.

“There must be blood and battle-sacrifice.”


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