Killer Thursdays

Has the Robot Uprising Already Begun?

While we’re all getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, the robots could be plotting to take over the world.

Has it already begun?

The hilarious folks at Cracked say yes…

You’ve been warned.

What do you think? Will computers ever gain sentience? And, if they do, will it be like Terminator or will we all coexist peacefully?

2 thoughts on “Has the Robot Uprising Already Begun?

  1. Food for thought. Unfortunately, I think these evil devilspawn are way ahead of us. Back in the 80s at what was then one of the leading R and D AI joints, the little suckers were already learning and telling rudimentary jokes to one another, albeit horribly,bad and corny ones. I believe that they have masterminded this whole Zombielypse thing as a distraction. They haven’t done really swell in the mass production of arms and legs, but they’ve done great in the “hive mind” area, so they just hitch rides and we phone in the mass extinction. Cool. I think?

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