Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Out in the Garden

Look Out! Zombie Garden Gnomes on the Loose.

Zombie Garden GnomesYou saunter outside in your People of Walmart sweats pajamas, eyes still bleary from sleep, hair sticking up, trying to wash the morning breath away with coffee and whiskey. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. There’s a rustling in the bushes.

A rustling in the bushes?!

You turn to see what it is and come face to face with…

Zombie Garden Gnomes

Your garden gnome…but something’s terribly wrong with him.

And he’s not alone!

Zombie Garden Gnomes Pink Flamingo

Wh-what have they done to Pinky, the cheerful flamingo (the one your neighbor tried to take out with her Prius but missed)?

Run. Into. The. House. Now.

And don’t forget to lock the door.

Zombie Garden Gnomes

Oh crap. You forgot to lock the door.

What do you think? Are zombie gnomes fun or just plain gross? Would you have them in your garden?

Photo Credit (In Order of Appearance):
Zombie Gnomes: Series of Survivors at Chris and Jane’s Place on Etsy (fair use)
Patient Zero.5 at Chris and Jane’s Place on Etsy (fair use)
Bye Bye Birdie at Chris and Jane’s Place on Etsy (fair use)
Mini Gnombie Gned at The Dark Garden on thegnombies.com (fair use)

More Zombie Garden Gnome Fun


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11 thoughts on “Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Out in the Garden

  1. Holly Michael

    Ewww! Creepy. But funny post.

  2. these are hilarious!

  3. Ha ha, gnomes are scary little creatures. Great pics.

    • Imagine finding one of them in the garden. I’d be tempted to put one in but it’d probably freak my kiddos out way too much. 😀

  4. This is hilarious! The pix, the deadpan storyline…how did you ever think of this!

  5. Whatever makes the garden grow. Give them life after dark, and you have a horror novel. Who knows? Gnomes may replace the vampires and zombies in literature.

  6. Ahahahahahha I love this almost as much as I love you!

  7. I love zombie garden gnomes! Yes!

  8. @Parlor: Thanks! I love the way that ideas bounce around the internet. I get so much inspiration surfing around.

    @Caleb: *Shudder* Now I’m going to be worrying about gnomes at night.

    @Jess: Awww shucks. 😀 Zombie Kitty would be very pleased.

    @Jeff: 😀 And it might be kinda fun to sneak around and replace any neighbors garden gnomes with one of these. Muahahaha

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