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Do You Remember Those Saturday Morning Cartoons?

Recently, my offspring have fallen in love with an old favorite of mine…

…the 1967 Spiderman cartoons. Hearing the theme song again for the first time in decades brought such a smile to my face (Thank you, Netflix!). Although the show originally aired before my time, I fell in love with Spidey it through reruns and could generally quote episodes word for word *blush*. Sure, it’s cheesy as only cartoons from that era could be but it’s still just plain old fun.

Sharing Spiderman with my children reminded me of my other cartoon favorites:

Scooby-Doo (1969)

Aaah…more 70s cheese. This one is still just a wee bit before my time but how I loved it.


He-Man (1983)

Get a load of Prince Adam’s outfit *snort*.

And, with that one, I’m seriously reconsidering admitting to my old cartoon favorites.


She-Ra (1985)

You can’t forget He-Man’s twin sister, you know.


Voltron (1984)

It’s a giant robot made of other robots…what more could you want?


Of course, it’s entirely possible I was also, at some unspecified point in time, also somewhat into:

My Little Pony (1986 TV Series)My Little Pony (1986)


Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite (1984)

What were your favorite cartoons as a kid? And, fess up, did you know any of the theme songs by heart?

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38 thoughts on “Do You Remember Those Saturday Morning Cartoons?

  1. I remember all of these!! Plus, The Smurfs and The Carebears… I would fess up if I honestly remembered, but I don’t — although I’m sure I did know these cartoon’s theme songs by heart.

    Fun trip down memory lane, Sonia!

  2. I was more of a weekday Transformers/G.I.Joe/Voltron fan. Strictly speaking Saturday mornings, nothing beat Bugs Bunny & The Roadrunner, or the Laugh-Olympics (I’m really dating myself here!). BTW there were TWO Voltron cartoons, the one with the 5 Lions in the clip, and a second one set in space with the 15 vehicles.

  3. I’m sure I know The Flintstones’s theme but I’m not allowed to sing in public. Not a cartoon, but I always watched Gilligan’s Island reruns when I got home from school, and know that theme by heart. Did anyone watch Mighty Mouse? ‘Here I come to save the day!’

    1. Gilligan’s Island. Favorite 80s shows will definitely have to be another post…though I’m pretty sure Tiffany already beat me too it. LOL. I loved the Flintstones too. I loved Dino.

  4. I had a whole bag of My Little Ponies and a Rainbow Bright doll. Don’t forget Cabbags Patch Dolls! I used to steal my sister’s magazine and then write my own version of Cabbage Patch News. LOL.

  5. Oh man! I remember waking up early to watch the Superfriends. I’d sit in front of the television and geek out as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman would save the world from the Legion of Doom. Ted Knight would narrate in that cheesy voice of his. Years later as an adult I watched it again and found it to be sub-standard animation where often mouths would move on screen with interchangeable voices. Sometimes Batman’s voice was speaking but Superman’s mouth was moving. Classic stuff, though. Thanks for this post!

    1. I was listening to some podcast shows not too long ago and I thought how funny it was that we’ve got “radio” shows again. There’s something so fabulous about them.

  6. Ah, you are younger than I. I definitely recall Scooby Doo, but I also did Superfriends, Looney Tunes, and Josie & the Pussycats. My favorite Saturday morning animation music, however, would probably be all fabulous Schoolhouse Rock videos. I try to get my kids hooked on those!

  7. My brothers and I would get up on Saturday mornings and turn the TV on. At the time (the early Sixties) the station might not even be on the air, so we’d watch the test pattern until it came on, just so we wouldn’t miss anything. Some of my favorites: all of the Warner Brothers cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and especially Road Runner), Rocky and Bullwinkle, The King and Odie, Felix the Cat, Mighty Mouse, Tom Terrific, Woody Woodpecker, Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo, then later, shows like The Banana Splits, The Beatles (yeah, there was a cartoon based on them), and Space Ghost (Cartoon Network reworked the characters from that into two of the funniest shows I’ve seen, “Cartoon Planet” and “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”). The Spiderman cartoons were from a show called “The Marvel Superheroes”; it featured all of Marvel’s characters, like Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Sub-Mariner as well as Spidey. Oh, could I go on!

      1. The Monkees (their show and hits, anyway) helped me get over my dad’s death. He died in the middle of their first season (1966-67). You can’t listen to The Monkees and stay sad.

      1. I don’t think interest ever died. People have been collecting the toys for years, and customs are huge. A friend gave me a special edition one from Comic Con.

  8. Disney’s Gummi Bears had one of my favourite cartoon theme songs. In addition to so many of those already listed. I also loved Shirt Tales, Dungeons and Dragons and Muppet Babies.

    The non-cartoon Kids Incorporated show was one of my favourite Saturday Morning shows to watch.

    My kids love watching the stuff we used to watch..

  9. I loved most of the ones you mentioned and it’s great that the HUB channel is re-airing lots of them. My kids are discovering them, too, which is great fun. My favorite was Jem, which I’m embarrassed to say is a ringtone on my phone!
    And I agree with Billie Jo: I loved Kids Incorporated. Fergie was one of the girls on there, but I think she went by Stacy back then.

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