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This is How the ROW Turns

ROW80 Check In 1/18/12

This week turned out to be much, much busier than I expected. It was another mixed bag in terms of goal-getting. But I’m being patient with myself because I’m still working on those new habits. This coming week though, I’m going to extend that new-habit-focus on my MIP. Continue reading “This is How the ROW Turns”

ROW80 Check Ins

Making the ROWnds

ROW80 Check In for 10/26/11

I’m feeling good about last week. Still didn’t nail every goal but I was successful overall. The shorter blogging schedule is really working for me and I’ve fallen in love with my MIP again. Suddenly, I want to sneak off at every opportunity and dive into my story.

Here’s where I’ve been:

  • Work on MIP tasks 4 days/week: Figures that when I cut back on my goal days, I’d end up doing more. I did a whopping 6 days this week. And I downloaded my free Scrivener trial 2 days ago…that’s really perking up my writing. Woohoo!
  • Exercise for a minimum 5-10 minutes at a time, 5 days/week: Still hitting 4 days/week. Perhaps that’s what really fits into my rhythm and I should focus on building up the length of each workout and not trying to hit all 5 days first. Continue reading “Making the ROWnds”
ROW80 Check Ins · Tuesday Toss-Up

And the Writer Said, Let there be Blogs (and a ROW80 Check-In)

blog fatigue: (blawg fuhteeg) noun

  1.  the condition of being overwhelmed by one’s blog and/or the number of blogs to read, often characterized by an avoidance of blogging related activities and a loss of the pleasure previously associated with those activities

Ill-GottenLast week, we discussed whether or not an epidemic blog fatigue was on the horizon. The consensus seemed to be that the risk of blog fatigue has indeed sky-rocketed but it doesn’t have to take any of us down.

Blogging and social media gives writers the opportunity to connect with a vast number of other writers, to see Continue reading “And the Writer Said, Let there be Blogs (and a ROW80 Check-In)”

Tuesday Toss-Up

Got Blog Fatigue?

Dirty feet and passed out?Recently, author and blogger Nathan Bransford asked if there was an epidemic of blog fatigue on the horizon. Are blog readers having a hard time keeping up with all there is to read? Are (some) bloggers beginning to wear out from a heavy posting schedule or from balancing work, writing, and family demands with blogging?

For me, the answer is: yeah, kinda. Lately, I’ve been struggling to keep up with all the great blogs I want to read. There are so many posts that catch my eye Continue reading “Got Blog Fatigue?”

ROW80 Check Ins

Do the ROWky Pokey

ROW8O Check-In 10/12/11

The first week of ROW is done! I got off to a bit of a slow start but I’ll be up to speed soon. Here’s my progress so far:

  • Start exercising, minimum 5 minutes at a time, 5 days/week:
    I worked out 3 days this week for an average of 10 minutes each time. Not exactly the 5 days I’d planned for but still better than 0. I’m getting into the habit now, so hitting all 5 days next week should be no problem.
  • Update ROW8O page for the new round: Haven’t updated the page yet.
  • Have Friday’s Life List Club guest post ready to go by Wednesday: Got this one done! Continue reading “Do the ROWky Pokey”
Life List Club

Fear Not by Marcia Richards

 Welcome to another Life List Club Friday! Today, I’m guest blogging at Pam Hawely’s blog and we have the lovely Marcia Richards with us once more. Take it away, Marcia!


Thank you, Sonia, for being a gracious hostess. In keeping with your Fear Friday theme, I offer your readers a post about fear.

Fear Not

Fear will stop us in our tracks, no matter what we were planning to do. Fear can show up disguised as uncertainty or procrastination. Continue reading “Fear Not by Marcia Richards”

Tuesday Toss-Up

Shifting Over to Post-a-Week

I’ve been thinking about switching to Post-a-Week instead of Post-a-Day. I really liked the idea of posting everyday but it doesn’t seem very feasible to me now. It’s become a matter of quantity over quality. I don’t really want to make a ton of small posts declaring what I have and haven’t done in a day. There’s nothing wrong with that but I wanted to write more about my process and about writing and about my journey. So, I’m switching to post-a-week. I wish there was a custom option such as post-twice-a-week or post-thrice-a-week. Still, I’ll go with post-a-week and, if I have enough material for twice or thrice weekly postings, that’ll be icing on the cake. Mmm….cake.

Tuesday Toss-Up

2 More Short Stories in Progress!

It seems as if getting my writing routine (at least somewhat) together and rededication to the Morning Pages has definitely helped me get going. Both of my manuscripts are on hold right now while I’m focusing on writing short fiction. They are still challenging to craft but feel a bit more like instant gratification. I think that’s what I need right now…something I can “churn out” rather than agonize over. Then again, I could probably apply that same attitude to the manuscripts…it’s probably mindset more than anything else that determines whether I agonize over them or not. Still, short stories are just faster from start to finish and that’s what I’m currently after.