Trying my hand at the February Challenge: 50-Word Story

I came across Cafe Muravyets yesterday (though I can’t remember if I linked there through the Absolute Write forums or through another blogger or through tag surfing). I was greatly intrigued to read about her 50-word story challenge for February. I decided to give it a try.

I finished my little story this morning. I thought it might not be all that different from trying a OneWord exercise except that I would have all the time I liked to ponder and polish. However, writing the story proved to be much more challenging than I expected. The story had to fit the theme and include five particular words…all while not exceeding 50 words.

It was the 50 words part that really challenged me. I find it fairly easy to just write and write about a topic. But to try to tighten it up…? Quite a bit harder than I’d guessed.

My first attempt was 102 words long and it seemed, while I was writing it, that I was being as pared down as possible. I was horrified to think that I had to shave off a little Continue reading “Trying my hand at the February Challenge: 50-Word Story”