Tuesday Toss-Up

When is Getting Stuck the Best Thing?

I tend to write the way I live (or maybe I live the way I write), a sometimes-awkward hybrid between planning and winging it.

Writers often define themselves as either  plotter (planner) or pantser (that sometimes flaky person who considers herself spontaneous). While I’m no longer a die-hard pantser, I’m also not entirely a plotter. I’m somewhere between. A plantser, if you will. Continue reading “When is Getting Stuck the Best Thing?”

Tuesday Toss-Up

Got Spring Fever?

Orange RoseA rose from my garden. I can’t take any credit for
their beauty or numbers…all I did was water ’em.

spring fever (n):
1) A feeling of restlessness or excitement commonly associated with the approach of spring.
2) An irrepressible urge to go outside and play in the dirt.
3)An excuse for a decrease in productivity surround the advent of spring.

As you might have noticed, I took a wee break from blogging and social media-ing. I’d planned on taking a week or two off to  focus on a massive influx of work projects.

Then, two weeks turned into four.

Or something like that.

You know how it goes. Continue reading “Got Spring Fever?”

Tuesday Toss-Up

Novel Wishes and NaNoWriMo Dreams

Baby Stepping Through NaNoWriMo

kitten yawn
NaNo’s over. Time to paaartay!

National Novel Writing Month is over for 2012.

Whether you rocketed past the finish line or were miles away, you wrote words that didn’t exist before November 1.

Even if you never got past the first sentence, you made something happen. Seriously. Pat yourself on the back.

Celebrating even a tiny success can motivate you to succeed further.

I’m a huge believer in baby steps. Some people get jazzed by lofty goals. The mere idea makes me want to puke in my mouth a little. Continue reading “Novel Wishes and NaNoWriMo Dreams”

Tuesday Toss-Up

When is Giving Up a Good Thing?

Acrobat Squirrel Raids Bird Feeder
After 312456.2 attempts, Tito finally makes it to the bird feeder…almost.

Growing up, many of us were probably told “never give up.” We were probably surrounded with stories about people who refused to quit and achieved their dreams. Thomas Edison never let failure (after failure after failure) stop him from trying again until he  finally invented the long burning light bulb. Orville and Wilbur Wright never gave up on flying. Stephen King was rejected dozens of times by publishers but kept on writing. Nemo just kept swimming.

If you’re a writer, artist, actor, ec, these exhortations to “just keep trying” often alternate with not-so-subtle suggestions to “just keep trying” at something else, anything else…but that’s another story.

By the time you reach adulthood, these “never say die” ideas are probably deeply ingrained. You know perseverance tips the odds in your favor…the question is: what kind of perseverance? Continue reading “When is Giving Up a Good Thing?”

ROW80 Check Ins

Giving Myself the Run aROWnd

ROW80 Check In 5/30/12


My two-week check in has turned into a four-week check in. That seems to be the way everything is going these days. I’m struggling tremendously to keep up with anything. I’ve slipped with social media, blog posts (I’m getting them posted but not on time), comment replies, blog visits and writing.

I’m trying hard not to beat myself up over it because I know that doesn’t serve any purpose but I also know that something has to change. Clearly, my organization skills (which I’m not naturally endowed with anyway) need some serious upgrading. But I don’t know exactly where to start…yet. Continue reading “Giving Myself the Run aROWnd”