Tuesday Toss-Up

Do You Talk Back?

duo mouse watching 4782
“You might want to look both ways before crossing the…oh man…that’s gonna stain…”

You’re driving along, minding your own business (or maybe your kids’ business in the back seat as they argue over who’s taking up whose oxygen or some other obscure manifestation of sibling rivalry), when another car whips out of nowhere and cuts you off.

Or you’re watching folks on tv do something ginormously stupid.

Or maybe you’re favorite team is losing (or winning).

Do you talk back to them?

Fess up, now.

You totally yell at the tv/radio/car in front of you, don’t you? Continue reading “Do You Talk Back?”

Tuesday Toss-Up

How Do You Waste Time?

dog on the computer
Just how many cat videos are there?

Every now and then, we all have to waste a little time(side note: the term “wasting time” makes me think of this). Maybe you need to unwind after a busy day. Maybe you need to unstick your brain. Or maybe you’re, you know, just plain procrastinating.  Whatever the reason, wasted time can be the best time.

And, of course…. Continue reading “How Do You Waste Time?”

Tuesday Toss-Up

How Do You Make Quiet Time?

.bad daY  by 27147 (Sippanont Samchai) on Flickr
Norbert contemplates the existential meaning of fetch.

Last week, we talked a little about all the talking we do, in person, be it on the phone, via email, text or social media, and whether it gets to be too much. Of course, how much is “too much” depends largely on the individual but there’s little doubt all of us could benefit from some quiet time daily.

The question is, how do you make that quiet time? Continue reading “How Do You Make Quiet Time?”

Killer Thursdays

Is This The End of Everything?

December 21, 2012. The Apocalypse?

celebrate with champagneNearly thirteen years ago, hubby (then fiancé) and I toasted the new year with a few good friends. Y2K was everywhere. Some folks devoutly believed the end was upon us. Some folks thought it was a lot of bunk. Most of us probably considered the whole business unlikely…but entertained the wee littlest of doubts. Until the clock hit midnight and kept right on ticking, none of us would know for sure. Continue reading “Is This The End of Everything?”