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This is How Skynet Starts

It’s called DeepMind, people.

If that name doesn’t suggest a mega villain, I don’t know what does.

But don’t worry, it only just learned how to walk. We’re safe a little while longer, right?

Yeah, we’re pretty much doomed.

Happy Friday 😉

What do you think about AI? Will it become conscious someday? What would it do if it does?

Tuesday Toss-Up

What Does Your SmartPhone Say About You?

Have you ever noticed that, when you send or receive email from a smartphone or tablet, you get a little advertising in the signature. “Sent from my brand-spanking new iPhone 5600 with 3D Laser Mind Control. You know you’re jealous,” or something like that.

Okay, okay…it’s actually a little more boring than that. But don’t you wish it was a little more fun?

Instead of  advertising for you (or maybe you like that, you braggart you), your phone or tablet could highlight your insanity creativity. Continue reading “What Does Your SmartPhone Say About You?”

Tuesday Toss-Up

Thus Spake the Dragon: How Useful is Speech Recognition Software for Writers/Bloggers?

*The awesome Sherry Isaac is at the Life List Club blog, talking about creating goals that really motivate us. Head on over and join in the conversation*
[keyboard cat | ORIGINAL]Some time ago, I heard about using speech recognition software for writing. One author (unfortunately, I can’t remember which one) was able to dictate thousands of words daily in less than half the time it would take to type them and without the associated strain on the hands and wrists. Although it sounded impressive, I was skeptical. The software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, was not especially cheap and there were no free trial offers (I know, I’m a great big cheapo). There was an app, Dragon Dictation, available for free but I found it difficult and slow to use (or maybe I’m just slow and difficult). So, I shelved the idea for a while.

Fast-forward about a year and I found myself drowning in writing. I was working on my MIP, blogging, commenting and replying to comments on blogs and doing the social media tango. On a day when the words were really flowing or when the blog/social media scene was hopping, I found myself typing out a prodigious number words… and my hands, wrists, neck and back were not thanking me. Continue reading “Thus Spake the Dragon: How Useful is Speech Recognition Software for Writers/Bloggers?”