Tuesday Toss-Up

Life Lessons from Legoland

This weekend, hubby and I took our children to Legoland to celebrate ourLegoland, California son’s seventh birthday.

In addition to all the noise fun,  strangers invading my personal space meeting new people and standing in long lines excitement, I learned a thing or three about life.

1) Amusement park excitement is like crack meth the ultimate sugar high. It’s exhilarating in the moment but the crash can be a monster. Children are vastly more prone to this crash but will also miraculously forget it by the next day, leaving them wanting more. Parents, while potentially scarred for life, will eventually forget too…prompting them to give into their kids’ demand to visit such places in the future.

2) Parental pride goes before a kiddish meltdown. Continue reading “Life Lessons from Legoland”

Parallel Tuesdays

My Little Brony

Rainbow Brite custom MLP by Smantha Claridge as featured on Blog.Spoon Graphics (see link below).

Recently, when we talked about our favorite Saturday morning cartoons, the topic of bronies came up. What are bronies? Bronies are teen/adult male fans of My Little Pony, or MLP (and now I’m hearing Will Smith’s MIB…thank you very much). You know, bro + pony = brony.

And, then, a little light bulb went off…hey, my son is a brony too. Okay, he’s only six, so maybe it doesn’t really count. But he does love the MLPs. Continue reading “My Little Brony”