Tuesday Toss-Up

Embrace Your Inner Doberman and Other Life Lessons from a Tiny Dog

Note: this post was originally shared as part of the Life List Club Blog Hop on Jenny Hansen’s awesome More Cowbell blog

This is Katara.

Katara at approx 6 months old and full cuteness capacity.

She’s half chihuahua. We have no idea what the other half might be, though we’re pretty sure there’s at least a little alien in the mix.

She stands 8.5 inches high, is 12 inches around the deepest part of her chest and 23 inches long. About a quarter of that lenth is tail.

And yes, she is named after the female protagonist in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The animated series, not the movie.

Although she’s closer in size to a guinea pig than a full-grown doberman, she doesn’t let that stand in the way of taking care of her doggish duties. Guarding the property and house from burglars and meter readers. Terrifying birds that have the nerve to land on her grass. And keeping the cats in line. Continue reading “Embrace Your Inner Doberman and Other Life Lessons from a Tiny Dog”

Tuesday Toss-Up

What Would You Say to Past-You?

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and warn yourself before you make a big mistake? A letter to your past self, perhaps. Or maybe the ability to pop in on yourself at just the right moment.

Psst, Past-Sonia, don’t eat that alfredo chicken pizza. Your stomach won’t thank you later…trust me.

Psst, Past-Sonia, you might want to start on that blog post now, this morning. You really don’t want to work on it at midnight when your eyes are burning and you can’t stop yawning.

While life is too short to beat yourself up over the past, it might be helpful from time to time to be able to go back in time and give ourselves a little warning. If you could, it might look a little like this…

Natalie Tran totally cracks me up. Plus she has a really sexy cat ;). You can find more hilarious videos on her YouTube channel.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell past-you?