Tuesday Toss-Up

Are You Good Enough?

Looking in the MirrorAll of us have asked ourselves this question at one time or another. Some of us ask it a lot. And it can mean different things depending on how we ask it.

Maybe we’re facing a challenge and wondering if our skills are up to par.

Maybe we’ve just put ourselves out there and we wonder whether our efforts hit the nail on the head…or missed the mark.

In either case, we can use “am I good enough?” to spur ourselves on, to get ourselves asking the questions we need to figure out how we can get better.

But sometimes we’re really asking if we are good enough. If who we are, especially what we look like and how “cool” we are is good enough.

Good enough to fit in.

Good enough to be accepted.

Good enough to be loved. Continue reading “Are You Good Enough?”

Tuesday Toss-Up

Not Giving Up, Even When You’re Giving Up

Kitten, Paws Up
Ok, ok. I givz up!

Last week, we talked about how giving up can be a good thing. But giving up doesn’t always mean giving up. What we must give up is anything that holds us back. What we must never give up is our authentic passion.

Of course, the sticky question can be just what exactly that authentic passion is…because we’re not always clear on that ourselves.

Anyone who embarks on a path that strays outside the norm for those around them (and, indeed, themselves), is likely to encounter a lot of dream-killing action. That action can come from the outside, in the form of subtle and not-so-subtle comments from friends, family (heck, even total strangers *shrug*). Sometimes, the most insidious dream-killing comes from the inside, from our inner critic (who might be the internalized representations Continue reading “Not Giving Up, Even When You’re Giving Up”