Tuesday Toss-Up

Great Website: 750words.com!

As I’ve previously posted, I am a huge fan of Morning Pages. Those three (most days…some days I only write 1-2 and I’ve skipped a day or two altogether) long-hand pages are a fantastic way of clearing out the brain first thing in the morning (though they can be done any time of the day). Committing to them again and writing stream-of-consciousness has definitely increased my ability to tap into the creative flow. It also helps to quiet the inner critic.

The Artist’s Way is pretty insistent about the MPs being done long-hand (I think hand writing allows for more of a connection between the mind and the page) but there are some obvious drawbacks. A lot of mornings, my wrist is aching by the end of three pages. And, if I don’t finish all my pages in the morning, or if I want to add more, it’s inconvenient to lug my big notebook around.

The MPs are absolutely worth the small inconveniences but it would be nice if there were another, complementary, way to get them done.

Yesterday, I checked out a website that Wendy Blanton had mentioned in her comments on my recent MP post. The website is Continue reading “Great Website: 750words.com!”