Tuesday Toss-Up

Oh Grow Up: On the Way We Thought It Would Be To Grow up

Remember when we were kids and we thought grown-ups got to do all the cool things? They got to stay up late. Eat whatever they wanted. Go wherever they wanted. Do whatever they wanted.

Wait…whaddya mean I have to go to bed?

Or so it seemed to us at the time.

And now that we are grown-ups (mostly anyway), we know the truth. Sometimes is way better to be a kid. I want someone to do all my laundry, fix my meals, tucked me in at night and pay all the bills for me. I want to push a shopping cart. And I want nap time, darnit!

 Wash dayOh crap. It’s wash day again.

What about you? When you were a kid, did you think it would be awesome to be a grown-up? Did the reality live up to your expectations? And what you wish you could do the kids get to do?

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Wait… (mine)
Wash day by katybird, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0