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Ants in the Mailbox – Postcards from Hell, Part 2 (a 500-word story)

My friend, the lovely historical fiction writer Haley Whitehall, issued a flash fiction challenge in the horror genre and this time it involves a prize! The contest runs until 10/31/11, so there’s still time to enter. My entry is Part 2 of a story I wrote for BeKindRewrite’s Inspiration Monday IX. You can find Part 1, Postcards from Hell here.

And now…

Ants in the Mailbox

US Mail
They stood at the edge of the front lawn gone almost knee-high with weeds. The figure in the filthy postal uniform lay still on sidewalk.

Steve looked right. Left. Nothing else moved anywhere on the street.

Deanna squeezed the stock of her crossbow. “He really dead? Dead-dead?” Continue reading “Ants in the Mailbox – Postcards from Hell, Part 2 (a 500-word story)”


Postcards from Hell

It’s time for another flash of fiction. This week’s offering is for Inspiration Monday IX at Be Kind Rewrite. The prompts were:

  • The exits of the world
  • You don’t think of it as murder
  • Postcard from hell
  • In a better place
  • Life in a box

Can you guess which one(s) I used? 😀 Continue reading “Postcards from Hell”