Tuesday Toss-Up

Wishes for You

Christmas Tree

Here are my wishes for you this holiday season:

May you be warm. May you be welcome. May you be full of hope and peace. May you overflow with joy. May you be loved completely and love in return. May you be able to laugh at your mistakes and delight in your successes. Like a child, may you see something new and wonderful in what you see everyday. May you see the goodness in others and yourself. Wherever you are going, may your journey be bright and full of unexpected sweetness.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday Toss-Up

What’s on Your Christmas List?

Ah Christmas. A time for peace, joy, attempting to maintain a cool head while surrounded by sugar-psychotic children, partly insane relatives and fully insane mall wanderers, and, most importantly, sharing and giving.

Oh yeah, and a present for you might be nice too.

Just sayin’. Continue reading “What’s on Your Christmas List?”