The Machine (a story in 500 words or less)

This week’s flash fiction was inspired by Haley Whitehall’s May Flash Fiction Challenge and Billie Jo Wood’s Sabotage Sunday Flash Fiction Challenge.

The MachineThe Machine

“He never should have been there in the first place.” Sally dropped the duffel bag on the counter. It landed with a thunk. Continue reading “The Machine (a story in 500 words or less)”


A Lovely Conundrum (a story in 500 words or less)

This week’s flash fiction offering was inspired by one of Selena Wolff’s Flash Fiction Fridays. I’m a little late in getting the story out…the prompt I used was for last Friday:

  • Genre – mystery
  • Solitary words to include in some way: conundrum, perplexity, enigma.

Better late than…er…really late is my motto. So, here you go… Continue reading “A Lovely Conundrum (a story in 500 words or less)”


I Used to be Someone Else (a 50-word story and its evolution)

Another Wednesday, another writing challenge. Once again (maybe because it’s fun and maybe because I’m a little bit lazy), I’ve combined two writing challenges. It was a wee bit trickier for me this time because I blended Cafe Muravyets 50-word story challenge with the Inspiration Monday challenge over at Be Kind Rewrite. 50-words doesn’t leave a lot of room to maneuver, but I finally found came up with a story that worked. Here you are…

I Used to be Someone Else

broken glassThe world is dying, but at The Sandbar (Happy Hour Specials! Karaoke Nightly!) drinks are half price. I order an Onerous Maneuver from one-eyed Wink, who never smiles. Continue reading “I Used to be Someone Else (a 50-word story and its evolution)”


The Moon-Blessed (A Short Story)

Here, at long last, is my entry for Eric Swett’s March Writer’s Challenge, in the short fiction division:


The Moon-Blessed

In the garden beside the ancient tree. Twisted limbs stretching out towards the stars. All is silent and still, shrouded in white. The stars beckon overhead, calling Sa’renna in the Dreamers’ language, older than the world, as old as time itself. Continue reading “The Moon-Blessed (A Short Story)”


The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo (A 50-Word Story)

Today seemed like a good day to indulge in a little flash fiction. Many thanks to Be Kind Rewrite for offering the writing prompts and challenge; I needed a little respite from editing. There were no rules (unless you really couldn’t live without ’em), so I set myself a 50-word limit (oh, how I love those 50-word stories). Here’s my offering…

Continue reading “The Man with the Teardrop Tattoo (A 50-Word Story)”


The Reply (A 50-Word Story)

I’m thrilled to be participating in another 50-word story challenge from Cafe M. I’m amazed at how much these writing challenges are energizing my creativity. They make me want to write, write, write!

This time around, I found it both easier and still surprising challenging to write a 50-word story given five words to be included and Continue reading “The Reply (A 50-Word Story)”


Trying my hand at the February Challenge: 50-Word Story

I came across Cafe Muravyets yesterday (though I can’t remember if I linked there through the Absolute Write forums or through another blogger or through tag surfing). I was greatly intrigued to read about her 50-word story challenge for February. I decided to give it a try.

I finished my little story this morning. I thought it might not be all that different from trying a OneWord exercise except that I would have all the time I liked to ponder and polish. However, writing the story proved to be much more challenging than I expected. The story had to fit the theme and include five particular words…all while not exceeding 50 words.

It was the 50 words part that really challenged me. I find it fairly easy to just write and write about a topic. But to try to tighten it up…? Quite a bit harder than I’d guessed.

My first attempt was 102 words long and it seemed, while I was writing it, that I was being as pared down as possible. I was horrified to think that I had to shave off a little Continue reading “Trying my hand at the February Challenge: 50-Word Story”