If You Could Live in Any Cartoon Universe….

Which One Would You Pick?

FridgeImagine for a moment you’re standing in front of your fridge. It’s late at night. Your eyes are bleary. Your stomach’s rumbling. Last night’s taco is in there. Somewhere. So is that slice of cake from a week-or-so ago.

Cake sounds pretty good right now. Can you put the taco on the cake and call it a meal?

You open the door and, instead of leftover tacos, week old cake, some mostly unidentifiable vegetable matter in the crisper drawer and an entire tribe of salad dressings, you find a portal to another universe (no, nothing to do with that growly guy over behind the dark chocolate almond milk – that stuff’s pretty good, by the way. He’s from another other universe. Just ingore him. He’ll go away. Or fry the eggs on your counter. Whatever). It’s a cartoon universe, beckoning you come on over.

And you think, why not? It looks like fun over there. You climb over the Siracha and past the cranberry cocktail to…

Where do you go?

If you could visit/live in any cartoon universe, which one would you pick? And why?

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How Far Would You Go For Your Kids?

It’s every parent’s nightmare to lose a child and most would agree they’d do anything to protect or save their children. And when we say anything, we usually mean we’d be willing to throw ourselves in front of a speeding bus, inflict grievous bodily harm on someone trying to hurt a child or  trade places with a sick child…or just give up sleep, clean up bodily fluids and say no when your kids just can’t understand why.

But would you give up government secrets, compromise national security, put innocent lives in danger or torture someone to save your child?

That’s just what NBC’s Crisis asks.

The show pits wealthy, powerful parents against the FBI, CIA and US government when their children are taken during a high school field trips and the kidnappers begin making unusual demands. Instead of money (although money does come into play for at least one parent), the kidnappers want to use the parents’ power and access. The parents are each given a task. None know what their bit roles in kidnappers’ mater plan will add up to. It could be about money and power, righting a wrong or helping terrorist unleash something horrific. All they know is that,  if they do what they’re told, their children will be returned.

Now, I’m a mother bear when needed. I have no doubt I’d sacrifice myself for my children. If somebody was hurting them, I’d do what I had to stop the person. In a heartbeat and probably without remorse.

But is there a line I wouldn’t cross?

I lean towards “yes.” While I can see myself attacking a killer/kidnapper/predator, I can’t imagine deliberately harming an innocent (even if that person is innocent only of the crime against my child).

But maybe that’s exactly what the Crises parents would have said before their children were taken.

What do you think? How far would you go to save your children? Is there anything you wouldn’t do?


NBC offers a fun quiz to find out what kind of person you’d be in a crisis. Take the Quiz. Although I don’t know how accurate it is as it says I’m a Fly on the Wall. But maybe that was because I couldn’t decide between Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games for my favorite book.


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What if You Only Had One More Day?

Each of us only has a limited amount of time in this world. Some more than others. And few, if any of us, know exactly how much time we are allotted.

If we knew we only had a little time left, what would we do with it? What if we had just one more day?

Here’s a cool video from ZeFrank. It’s sure to inspire you to seize the day…and also leave you with an intense craving for jellybeans… Continue reading

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What Gets Your Pulse Pounding?

Hamster hiding under the bed.

I am NOT hiding under the bed. I’m…um…looking for dust bunnies.

With the smell of Halloween still in the air (that is chocolate on your hands, right?), it’s good time to ask you about the stories that thrill you the most.

Heart pounding. Heavy breathing. Laying awake at night, scenarios running through your head.

Be they action, thriller, disaster, suspense, horror or whatnot, which books, movies and/or tv shows get you going? Continue reading

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How Do You Disappear?

What if someone was after you? What if he would do anything to find you.

And, if he found you….

Stacy Green, author of Into the Dark (coming in November) tells us about stalkers…: Continue reading

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Happy Haunting!

It’s that time of year again.

You know what I’m talking about. Pumpkins, candy, assorted monsters taking off their human skin and walking around as they really are, extorting the neighborhoods for treats…

…and hauntings. We cannot forget the hauntings. Continue reading

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Mining a Migraine

photo by Orchid_Mine at Flickr
*Used with artist’s permission*

A migraine swallowed my brain yesterday…the right half anyway. In the depths of the pain, when I could hardly keep a thought straight (like a bra strap that keeps slipping) I realized that I had to remember exactly how it felt (like a thing of living flame had swallowed half of my brain and was slowly digesting it in a stomach lined with long, thin razors). It wasn’t my first rodeo but I hadn’t really made an effort to remember (I’d so much rather curl up in a ball and forget) what it was like so that I could use it in a story. And I have a story in mind, have had it in mind for a long time, but the migraine part had always been hard to write. Somehow, even though I’ve survived hundreds (thousands? *shudder*) of them over the years, I couldn’t quite bring to mind just what it felt like. So last night I told myself to remember the roiling nausea, the pulsing pain, the light that felt like a flaming blade being plunged through my eye and into my brain and how, even though I’ve heard the brain doesn’t actually feel any pain itself, it felt like Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Come on in. Pull up a chair. Grab a can of Dr Zevia. Have some popcorn. You’ve got a front row seat (am I mixing metaphors here?) as I set out on my journey to become a published author(what good is a story unless there’s someone to tell it to?). I have no idea where I’ll really end up, but I’m dying to find out (I think I heard Elvira snicker in my head as I tapped that out).

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