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On the ROWd Again


The ROW has come ’round at last, and a new round lies before us.

By “at last” I mean “almost two weeks ago.” The latest round began Oct 2, but it’s never too late to join. Actually, once the round is over, it’s too late to join. But there’s always the next round.

By ROW, I mean ROW80, the marvelous bloggy challenge that offers us a platform to create goals (writing and otherwise), a cheering section to keep us motivated (while you, in turn motivate your fellow ROWers) and accountability  (since goals are publicly announced).

Also, there may be a very small chance that, upon failure to meet your goals, you will be set upon by zombie hounds…okay, okay, so that last part isn’t true…but, if it keeps you motivated, go with it.

Anyway, you can read more about ROW80 here and see the latest check in post here.

On the to goal stuff:


Long Term Goal

My plan is to complete the “official” first draft of my WIP manuscript by the end of this year. I say “official” because the manuscript is written, but there were changes made to characters and plotline in later scenes that haven’t been incorporated into earlier scenes. I can’t consider the draft complete until all those changes are worked in. A few scenes need to be written from scratch as they were skipped during the initial write-through or the need for them arose later. I’m not worrying about any other edits on this pass.

There are roughly 90 scenes total, 10 of which have been reworked so far. That leaves 80 scenes to rework by Dec 31. That means 8 scenes a week.


This Week

I’m going to start slow, even if it means I’ll have to really push later. I’ll focus on reworking 2 scenes (more, if possible).



Long Term Goal

Play O Come, O Come Emmanuel fluidly and with grace by Christmas. Over all, improve tone, bowing, finger dexterity and rhythm.

This Week

I’m currently working through a passage that’s been very challenging for me. I’ve got it roughly up to tempo. I’ll be working on playing the passage smoothly, at tempo, then playing the whole piece (up to the end of the current passage) along with The Piano Guys audio.


Long Term Goal

Looking at the FBI fitness scoring for agents inspired me to set some specific goals I can (hopefully) use as markers for overall fitness. My baseline is a far cry from even the lowest scores, which is especially frustrating because I felt like I was making more strides with my regular workouts…but I wasn’t doing any of the specific exercises on the list. I want to be at least mid-range.

First, I’ll focus on sit-ups and push-ups. I’ll leave the running/sprints until later. I also plan to hold steady with 3 “regular” workouts a week.

This Week

I can currently, and barely, eek out 10 modified push-ups. I’ll be working on feeling strong with those before moving on to regular push-ups.

For sit-ups, I can do 10. I feel a bit stronger with those than with the push-ups. I’ll add 5 more for a total of 15.



This Week

We have Spaceballs (1987) on the agenda for family movie night.


What’s on your goal list this week?



Photo Credit
Road by Kārlis Dambrāns, on Flickr | CC By 2.0



12 thoughts on “On the ROWd Again

  1. Getting a prompt outline done for my NaNoWriMo poetry/short story collection. I didn’t plan on working on my WIP, but a “eureka!” moment changed that. Good luck and have fun with your goals!

  2. I see your Schwarz as big as mine… or at least your goals are. Or at least we’ve both started at a similar lateness in the ROW. Sometimes I think the hardest part of doing the ROW80 is setting the goals in the first place. How about you, Sonia?

    Though, really, you have some great goals going on here. I love your linking the FBI jobs site for fitness goals. I saw an ARMY Basic training fitness guide in our local B&N clearance aisle a few months ago and almost bought the book for the same reason. Having a PDF is nicer. As is knowing how demanding such jobs actually are…


    Here’s to doing even a few sit-ups a day. And cheering you on for 10 & above.

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