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A Day in the Life of a Procrastinator

Procrastination, my old nemesis (sometimes friend), has reared its head the last couple of weeks. I found a video that pretty much sums things up:

In my current procrastinator mode, I don’t know whether I’m giving myself a break to replenish my creative reserves (writing-wise), brewing something great (sometimes procrastination episodes have worked out like that for me), or just plain slacking off (which is a distinct possibility). At the moment, I’m just riding it out.

How’s it going for you? Are you a procrastinator? Do you embrace it or fight it?

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Procrastinator

  1. Major problem. I walk around it. For example, I hv a box of electronics I’ve been meaning yo organize. But it’s been sitting on the same spot for a week now. 😑

  2. To me, this video was not about procrastination. The character got a lot of things accomplished and was actively working towards “getting his stuff done”, whereas when I procrastinate, I am fully aware of not wanting to do the task at hand, so I do other things. When I do unrelated, but still relevant tasks because I get sidetracked, it is NOT procrastination. There! See? I’m so productive!

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