just for fun

If Your Dog Could Talk

Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks about your bathing habits or why he circles before he does his *ahem* business. Ze Frank knows all…

*mildly unsafe for work.

What would your dog (or your neighbor’s) say if he could talk?

4 thoughts on “If Your Dog Could Talk

  1. That was a hilarious video, Sonia. It demonstrates how curiously creative we can be by trying to look at the world from a dog’s point of view. Thanks for posting it.

  2. The only dog I had ever loved was my next door neighbor’s dog back home. It was a labrador. I always thought it was asking me to feed her whenever she’d look up at me. But she was so wonderful, how she’d patiently wait for me, when I’d say “Wait” and then go to get something in my kitchen for her to eat. She’d be still patiently waiting outside by the time I came out. And no crazy hopping at all, but quiet eating. Ah, I miss that dog.

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