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Are You Overthinking It?

*ROW80 update at the bottom of the post

Have you ever gotten stuck on something that you feel should come naturally but it’s not coming naturally and you can’t figure out why so you sit around and try to work it out but then you get stuck in the thinking about the thing and that’s worse than getting stuck on the thing in the first place…?

*pauses for breath*

If you overthink things (or just think you do) this video is for you:

Overthink. That kind of sounds like overlord, doesn’t it? Like something outside yourself is thinking for you.

Or maybe it’s the thinking you do over everything else.

Does that mean there’s thinking you do under everything else? Would that be underthink?

Or would underthink just be what happens when you don’t think enough?

Alrighty then.

Yeah, I’ve gotten stuck in the overthink swamp more than a few times. On the other hand, I’ve gotten more than a few story ideas from those same exact swamps. Hmm…


‘Tis time, my friends, to speak of midweek ROW80* progress.

So far, I’m cruising at reasonable freeway speeds along the highway of progress (I have no idea why that metaphor popped up *shrug*). I’m 99% done with the LLF scene. My sound on the cello is coming along (maybe not very quickly, but at least it’s coming along). The exercise is getting easier, and I’m more motivated to just do it. Lastly, we’re all looking forward to another family movie night tonight.

You can see this week’s goals here.


*ROW80, also known as a Round of Words in 80 days is an opportunity for us to set goals (for writing and/or other areas) and share them with a community ready to keep you accountable and cheer you on. If you’re interested in ROW80, you can find more info here and the latest check in post here.

For those of you working towards a goal, ROW80 or otherwise: how’s it going for you?

And now, for the most important question of the day: do you overthink? 


2 thoughts on “Are You Overthinking It?

  1. Looks like some good progress for the week.

    I tend to overthink just about everything. Even stupid things that happened long ago, that everyone else has probably forgotten.

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