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As the ROW Turns


Another week, another Sunday ROW80* check in. Welcome back.

This week was a mixed bag for progress. I did well on my cello, health and family goals, but got very little done on my rewrites. Oh well, as a famous southern belle once said, tomorrow is another day.

You can see last week’s goals here.

Here’s what’s been going on in my goal world:


Last Week

I didn’t finish LLF and didn’t start NA.

This Week

I’ll finish LLF. I hope to finish NA as well, but I’ve got a family event this weekend which will occupy a lot of my time.


Last Week

I’m on target for my practice time, but my sound needs a lot more work.

This Week

Keep up my present practice schedule, but with an optional 3 days off this week because of the aforementioned family event.

Tackle the sound issues.


Last Week

5/5 workouts this week at an (mildly) increased intensity. I’m starting to see positive chances in my strength and endurance. Yay!

This Week

I’m only going to plan 3 workouts. Again, with the family event coming up, I don’t want to over plan.


Last Week

We enjoyed the second installment of The Matrix. My husband and I had forgotten about the whole cave party scene…ahem…so we had to skip that for the kids. Otherwise, they really enjoyed the story.

This Week

Family movie night again. Can you guess what we’ll probably watch (after I research any potential kid-inappropriate scenes online)?


*ROW80, also known as a Round of Words in 80 days is an opportunity for us to set goals (for writing and/or other areas) and share them with a community ready to keep you accountable and cheer you on. If you’re interested in ROW80, you can find more info here and the latest check in post here.


How’s your ROW turning?

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earth by Beth Scupham, on Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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