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More Musical Inspiration

Last week, I shared one of my musical inspirations with you, Kevin Olusola. Not only does he create beautiful music on my favorite instrument, the cello, but he plays so joyfully. It’s beautiful to watch as well as listen to him.

Another of my inspirations are The Piano Guys. They both play so beautifully, and the cellist radiates passion and joy in his playing. My favorite piece of theirs is O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

I’m learning this piece on the cello right now. I’ve roughly got the first minute and a half or so, but I’ll need a lot more skills to play the rest of it, including learning new fingering positions. In the mean time, I’m enjoying absorbing every moment of The Piano Guys playing.


What inspires you?

11 thoughts on “More Musical Inspiration

  1. I don’t play an instrument, but I love hearing my girls play theirs: clarinet and violin. The cello is such a beautiful instrument and Emmanuel has been one of my favorite Christmas songs since singing it in chorus way back in junior high.

  2. This really is hauntingly beautiful. Pretty much any one would be inspired by this. If you don’t feel this in some way, I guess you simply aren’t human. I’m planning a post about one of my favorite music composers Kenji Kawai. His music is very inspiring to me 😊 Thanks for sharing this one 😀

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