Tuesday Toss-Up

What Inspires You?

inspire – in-spire (verb):
1) to breathe life into
2) to motivate, influence or encourage

My wonderful hubby and I will shortly be celebrating 14 years of wedded bliss (just a few days shy of 15 years since the day we met). Through the years, he’s been such an inspiration to me. He doesn’t get my love for horror, but he always supports my writing. More than that, he inspires me with his generosity and faith. One of the greatest things he’s taught me is that everything pretty much comes out alright in the end as long as you keep on keeping on. This sense of trust and optimism buoys me in those times when my natural tendency to brood threatens.

And thinking of how he inspires me makes me think of all the people, places and things that inspire me everyday. My kiddos, who challenge me to grow and remind me of the simple joys in life. Coffee, especially on those mornings that come waaaaay to early. A good book. Sometimes even a bad movie.

The more inspiring things that come to mind, the more I realize that we should strive to be inspired by who and what’s around us everyday. Every single day, we must find something, however awesome or mundane,  that moves us to change the world for the better, to do something great, pass on little kindnesses or even just smile.

Big or little, extraordinary or everyday, which people, places and things inspire you?

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