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When You Text the Wrong Person

When Texting Goes Wrong
I can’t believe I just sent that to Mittens. Awkward!

Remember passing notes in high school? (If you’re about to say no because you had cell phones in high school… just stop. You’re making me feel old). Did you ever have that awkward experience of dropping the note and having the wrong person pick it up? The right note in the wrong hands could have epic embarrassing consequences.

Now that just about everyone and their great-grandma has a cell phone, we can pass notes via text message. While it might be faster and vastly more convenient, it certainly opens up a whole lot more opportunities to embarrass ourselves. This goes for email too.

It’s just soooo easy to hit “send” before we’ve double checked our messages. But the wrong name in the “to” field can lead to disaster or just monster embarrassment.

Recently, I received a text that was definitely NOT meant for me (No, I won’t share the text here as this is a PG blog…mostly). I’m a good-humored person (okay…maybe I just enjoy other people embarrassing themselves instead of me)  and I made a pleasant reply. Some joking ensued and I hope the other party went away feeling decent about the exchange but intending to be a lot more careful in the future.

It certainly made me think. Now, I’m triple checking the “to” before I hit “send.” Of course, I don’t have a very exciting text or email life, so I really can’t embarrass myself. If I have to say something potentially embarrassing, I’ll just say it in person (you know, plausible denial and all that).

But have sent the occasional “I love you” or “Pick up some milk, please” texts to friends instead of my hubby. My friends, being the awesome folk they are, have usually replied “I love you too but only as a friend,” or “Sorry, I already left the store,” or “Pick up your own d*mn milk.” (Okay, none of my friends have actually replied with that last one…yet).

Then again, maybe some texts are sent to the wrong person accidentally on purpose.

What about you? Have you ever gotten a text meant for someone else or sent one to the wrong person? What about sending a text to the wrong person accidentally on purpose?




10 thoughts on “When You Text the Wrong Person

  1. Hi Sonia, once I forwarded an email and said something along the lines of “look at what this person said.” But I didn’t forward it. I hit reply O_o

    When I realized my mistake I sent another email trying to make it seem better than it was. No I’m basically paranoid about forward lying emails lol. Definitely learned my lesson!

  2. I received a few emails from someone I didn’t know, but they sounded like they knew me, asking if I was watching a program on TV featuring my hometown. I was kind of freaked out.

    The third or fourth text a couple weeks later said something like, “Okay, just cleaned out the garage and found a book that belongs to (name of a junior high school – can’t remember the name). One of you owes a fortune in fines.”

    A couple days later I was telling my daughter and son-in-law about these calls, and my son-in-law asked what the number was because he had attended that junior high. Once I told him the number, he said it was his step-dad’s number, and my daughter must have sent a group text that included him and me and others, and step-dad assumed my number was son-in-law’s new cell number. I was glad I figured out who it was because it was weird!

    I’ve also dialed the wrong number in my address book at times. One time I thought I was calling our favorite pizza place, but called my friend’s number instead. Every time I saw her after that, she’d kid me and ask what kind of pizza I wanted!

    Fun post, Sonia!

  3. I don’t think I have done this yet, which probably means I’m going to very soon. LOL I have sent stuff that auto corrects and comes out weird. One recent example was when I was texting my fiance and I was going to call him “Schnookums” and auto correct inserted schomo plums. ??? We laughed and started coming up with other weird endearments.

  4. Once you have done that it is very sobering. When you use the same email and text number for business, personal and communicating with your spouse you have to be very, very careful before you hit send. Certainly don’t want my personal comments to my wife going to another person. That note in school was a lot easier to retrieve and more quickly forgotten than a wayward text or email! I always enjoy reading your posts.

  5. Cute post. And I remember passing notes. That wasn’t so long ago, was it? I haven’t (so far as I know) sent the wrong email or text to someone, but my husband received one. He’s a purchaser and they were having issues with a supplier and deciding they’d probably have to play hardball. He received an email from one of the suppliers to his dad that they better just give in – think he’d intended it for one of his brothers instead. Oops! At least dropping a note was just clumsy. Just think how quickly a slip of the “send” key could get you in trouble.

  6. Sorry for the delay in replies, guys! No excuses, really. Just got caught up in a few projects.

    @David: I’ve had a couple of autocorrect incidents. Thankfully, they were mild. I have had a couple of near misses that would have been worthy of the D***n You Autocorrect site. 🙂

    @Lynn: So funny! Those group emails and texts definitely have the potential to get folks in hot water or just make us laugh. Thanks on the header shot. I was thrilled when I found it on Flickr. I haven’t found anything else that quite captures the same feel.

    @Jess: Schmomo plus is totally a term of endearment. Or else it’s a terrible, terrible insult.

    @Wayne: So true. And a note can be toss where an email or text can be copied and forwarded. One shudders to think. 🙂

    @S.C.: Also very true. And it makes me think about what I even text or email in the first place. What if the next person accidentally forwards something I’ve written? I’ve seen that happen too.

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