Parallel Tuesdays

Are You Geek Enough For It?

For YouTube’s Geek Week, that is.

Apparently, it’s Global Geek Week. At least, it is on YouTube. And you don’t have to be a super geek to enjoy the offerings this week.  You can enjoy an interactive adventure, go on a date with Freddie Wong, or learn how cosplay can enhance your resume .

Every day is a different geeky flavor. I’m especially looking forward to Gaming Thursday.

Whatever your inherent level of geekiness (that’s a lot of geeks in less than 100 words :)), you’re sure to find something fun. So geek it up already!

13 thoughts on “Are You Geek Enough For It?

  1. I LOVE your Header photo of the decrepit stairs! Very atmospheric and abstract at the same time. Makes me hope they bring back the show Stranded. Ghost Hunters has become too formulaic, and Ghost Adventures is fun but some of the evidence seems too contrived and not genuine. Anyway, I like your site. As a writer, I’m also a big fan of Scrivener and didn’t know anyone else who was using it. Very cool!

    1. Thanks! As soon as I spotted the stairs pic on Flickr, I knew it was perfect for my header. Kinda makes me want to go out and shoot strange stairways too. LOL

      I love Scrivener. I’m still learning some of the most basic cool features. The more I learn, the more I love the program.

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