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Who’ll Win the War?


I am talking about World War Z. Before you :facepalm:,  exclaiming “Not another zombie movie!”, check out the trailer….

I heard rumors of a World War Z movie not long after I picked up Max Brooks’ novel. I had a hard time imagining how they’d turn it into a compelling movie. And then I heard Brad Pitt would starring, which made me doubly curious. I dig BP but couldn’t really picture him in WWZ. Looks like I was wrong.

Looks pretty creepy to me. I’m getting kinda excited.

What about you? Are you planning to see World War Z? Do you think it’ll have anything new to spice up the zombie genre? And do you think the zombie thing is overdone?

Bonus question: Who’ll win the war, zombies or people, and why?

3 thoughts on “Who’ll Win the War?

  1. Marketing the film as a known branded title, with a branded star in the lead role, yet focusing the trailers and ads on the overall “apocalyptic” messaging to frame it as a thriller and action movie as much as a horror movie, is smart. A pure “this is a zombie film” approach would narrow the appeal, whereas there is plenty of legitimacy and broader appeal in approaching it as a big action-packed international thriller about the end of the world.

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