Tuesday Toss-Up

Do You Talk Back?

duo mouse watching 4782
“You might want to look both ways before crossing the…oh man…that’s gonna stain…”

You’re driving along, minding your own business (or maybe your kids’ business in the back seat as they argue over who’s taking up whose oxygen or some other obscure manifestation of sibling rivalry), when another car whips out of nowhere and cuts you off.

Or you’re watching folks on tv do something ginormously stupid.

Or maybe you’re favorite team is losing (or winning).

Do you talk back to them?

Fess up, now.

You totally yell at the tv/radio/car in front of you, don’t you?

Or maybe you mutter.

Either way, you talk to them as if they can hear you when they can’t.

I’ll admit it, I do this shamelessly.

My kids used to ask me why, pointing out that the folks in the other car/on tv couldn’t hear me. I just explained that they could hear me…in their hearts. And now, while they haven’t progressed to critiquing those in other cars, said offspring do carry on with the tv and radio.

Aaaah, the joy of passing on your heritage to your children.

What about you? Do you talk to the tv/radio/YouTube video/cars around you? What’s your explanation for why you do it?

Photo Credit:
duo mouse watching 4782 by dchallender, on Flickr (Dave Challender) on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

6 thoughts on “Do You Talk Back?

  1. I totally do. I talk back to my animals when they just look at me. My guy worries about me ALL THE TIME! Anyway, as for my animals, I swear they understand me. Can they not? LOL

  2. Sonia, I coax other drivers to turn at the next light, that’s it, yup, right there, pull into that turning lane and get the cluck out of my way.

    More often, tho, I’m telling the person about to be murdered in some ghastly fashion to please, please, don’t look behind the shower curtain. But do they ever listen?

  3. I vent at rude and/or stupid drivers (i.e., those who cause me inconvenience). I consider this a much better way of getting rid of anger than yelling at friends and loved ones.

  4. @Tiffany: LOL. My animals totally understand me. Of course, they pretend not to. You know how it goes.

    @Sherry: They never listen. Sigh. Neither do other drivers lots of times. 🙂

    @David: True. Plus, it’s fun to come up with creative ways to tell the other drivers off. 😀

  5. Hi, Sonia. Yes, I do it, too. Do you think it’s because it gets us in the game somehow? There’s a reasonable explanation right? I mean, we’re not crazy. Right? 😉


  6. Oh, yes, I often yell scream curse insult or otherwise slander horrible drivers plus a whole host of other folks who can’t hear me like the referees, characters on television, and God – altho it could be said that God hears me he just doesn’t listen 🙂

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