How Do You Disappear?

What if someone was after you? What if he would do anything to find you.

And, if he found you….

Stacy Green, author of Into the Dark (coming in November) tells us about stalkers…:

What would you do if you had a stalker and the police wouldn’t–or couldn’t–help? What if your stalker stayed one step ahead of them, like the Taker in my debut novel, Into The Dark? He knows the city, knows how to navigate the Vegas storm drains, knows how to lead a double life. He’s smart, streetwise, and heavy on charm. His victim, Emilie, is back on her heels from the very beginning of the book. He’s a faceless, nameless entity, and she’s terrified.

But what if you knew your stalker? What if he (or she–women stalk too) was an ex who refused to give up…?

…and shows us how to disappear:

First up, find every bit of information about yourself and do your best to change it or destroy it. This means calling utilities companies and leaving bogus information, whether it’s a false address or deleting an account all together. It involves some serious lying, but it’s crucial to wipe out as much information as possible. It means removing your name from Google, from Yahoo, from phonebooks, warranties off electronics and accounts at stores, including the grocery, library cards. You get the picture.

Read the rest at Stacy’s Thriller Thursday: What If You Had to Disappear?

What would you do if you had a dangerous stalker? Could you disappear? With all the information on the internet and the way that information is growing, is it really possible to disappear completely? Is it going to get harder to disappear in the future or will our online use actually make it easier (for those with the right tech skills)?

9 thoughts on “How Do You Disappear?

  1. Aaaahhhh, my fear as a mom with a pocket-sized daughter. I will definitely be picking this novel up.

    And to answer your question, everyone should start keeping themselves safe by reading Pat Brown’s (yeah, the real FBI profiler, Pat Brown) book, How to Save Your Daughter’s Life.

    Thanks for sharing this Sonia.

  2. I think it would be next to impossible to disappear in todays highly-connected society. Everyone is in databases all over the place. Sure, there are things you can do to make it more difficult for someone to find you, but impossible? Maybe for Jack Reacher…

    Stacy’s book sounds really good! I’m off to her blog to check it out.

  3. @Stacy: Your post definitely gave me the shivers. I kept thinking of The Net, where a hacker could destroy somebody’s life by messing with online information. But now we’re even more entrenched online. I don’t know if that’s an advantage or not.

    @Cat: I haven’t read Pat Brown’s book yet but it’s top of my list now. I loved Gavin De Becker’s Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift. Excellent info for anyone but especially for parents.

    @Jennette: We really do live so much of our lives online, especially the younger generation. They’re growing up with it so it seems normal. What kind of power does that give others over us? Hmmm…

  4. I think it would be so hard to disappear nowadays, especially if you’ve spend any amount of time trying to gain an online presence. Being stalked is one of those things I hope never happens to me or those I love.

  5. I would go live in Korea where I know the language and culture. It’d be a lot harder for someone to stalk me if they didn’t know the language (if they did…then desert island, I guess)

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