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Are You Ready for Fall Chills?

Fall is officially here. If the continued hot weather has you confused, just check out the sudden blossoming of Halloween decorations and candy displays in all the stores. Actually, the Halloween stuff’s probably been up since August. I’m expecting Thanksgiving stuff to start popping up by next week.

Anyway, it’s Fall and you know what that means…the return of some of our favorite tv shows. Dexter is already set up for a fascinating season and, in just about two weeks, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead are creeping back to tv screens everywhere.

Are you ready?

*note: the following contains mild spoilers for last season of The Walking Dead.*

The Walking Dead, Season 3
Premieres October 14

Last season, our ever dwindling group of survivors were forced out of the safety of Hershel’s farm by a herd of walkers. On the run and running out of fight, we caught a glimpse of their salvation…the prison.

What do you think?

What’s in store for Andrea, travelling with Michonne? Is Woodbury safe haven or worse than the outside?

At the prison, how far will Rick be willing to go to keep his group safe?

How closely will the show parallel the comic series this season?

American Horror Story: Asylum
Premieres October 17

Last season, we met the Harmons, a family coming undone even before they fell prey to the Murder House. While the spooks and haunts may have left us sleepless many nights, the unfolding of each family’s tragedy and how they intertwined with the Harmons’ was the true horror.

This season, it’s a new location and new story. Some of our favorite actors from last season will be returning in different roles. Rumor has it that last season’s enemies may be this seasons allies.

Given all the creepy promos, what do you think’s in store for our asylum staff and guests?

9 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Fall Chills?

  1. I’m so pumped to start watching The Walking Dead again! We bought seasons 1 and 2 cause the show is great. Wishing I had Showtime to keep watching Dexter. 😦

    And I may need to get on board with American Horror Story which looks perfectly creepy!

  2. @Raphael: That’s fantastic! I love his voice. I haven’t heard Benedict before but now I’ll have to check out his other videos too. Thanks!

    @Jess: I’m so excited too. We were Showtimeless for a season or two. It was a a bummer to have to wait. We’ve got free showtime right now, so I’m digging in. LOL

    @Piper: I wish Netflix had Dexter on streaming. I’m too impatient to wait for discs. LOL. You’ll have to tell us what you think of WD Season 2. So much happens.

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