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What if Your Favorite Feel Good Movies Were Recut as Horror?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite feel-good movies would be like if they were recut as horror movies?

Okay, maybe not.

But I bet you will after this.

An uncle plots to murder his brother and nephew, then take over the kingdom. But, you know, it’s a Disney movie…so it can’t be that scary…


What if Sleepless in Seattle really made you sleepless?


There’s nothing like a road trip aboard a haunted train to put you in the holiday mood…


Okay, this last one’s a gimme. What isn’t creepy about a guy who dresses up as a female housekeeper so he can spy on his wife and kids?


And just to show you that the editing knife cuts both ways, here’s The Shining recut as a romantic comedy:


Which movie/television show would you love to see recut as another genre? 

8 thoughts on “What if Your Favorite Feel Good Movies Were Recut as Horror?

  1. Funny you should mention this, because I have been sitting in the theater with my family and I’ve leaned over to my husband and suggested killing off a character or doing something tragic. Since we’re always sitting in a kid’s movie, my husband shakes his head and wonders at my sanity. But, it would make a better plot. Just saying.

  2. @Tricia: LOL. Ah, writer’s brain.

    @Julie: It’s definitely a twist on the original and goes to show you how the tone of a trailer, the music and the editing really influence the whole thing.

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