What if Your Favorite Feel Good Movies Were Recut as Horror?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite feel-good movies would be like if they were recut as horror movies?

Okay, maybe not.

But I bet you will after this.

An uncle plots to murder his brother and nephew, then take over the kingdom. But, you know, it’s a Disney movie…so it can’t be that scary…


What if Sleepless in Seattle really made you sleepless?


There’s nothing like a road trip aboard a haunted train to put you in the holiday mood…


Okay, this last one’s a gimme. What isn’t creepy about a guy who dresses up as a female housekeeper so he can spy on his wife and kids?


And just to show you that the editing knife cuts both ways, here’s The Shining recut as a romantic comedy:


Which movie/television show would you love to see recut as another genre? 

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8 thoughts on “What if Your Favorite Feel Good Movies Were Recut as Horror?

  1. Funny you should mention this, because I have been sitting in the theater with my family and I’ve leaned over to my husband and suggested killing off a character or doing something tragic. Since we’re always sitting in a kid’s movie, my husband shakes his head and wonders at my sanity. But, it would make a better plot. Just saying.

  2. That’s just awesome, especially The Shining. I’ve never seen it or its original preview, but I’m sure it looked nothing like that! Haha.

  3. @Tricia: LOL. Ah, writer’s brain.

    @Julie: It’s definitely a twist on the original and goes to show you how the tone of a trailer, the music and the editing really influence the whole thing.

  4. Mary Roya

    One of my feel good movies is ‘The 5th Element’. So that would mean the earth gets blown up.

  5. Maybe we could do Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a musical.

  6. LOL – My favorite recut was the Shining. And, YES, they should do a Texas Chainsaw Massacre musical! Thanks for sharing these.

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