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Movies You Never Knew You Always Wanted to See

Does it seem like every movie these days is a based on a video game,  tv show or a remake? Maybe a remake of a remake? They’re making movies out of board games, for goodness sake.

Maybe you’re asking yourself “so what?” Maybe you like movies based on video games, cartoons and tv shows. Hey, maybe the remakes are better than the originals. And let’s not even get started on sequels.

Either way, here’s a few movies, compliments of the comedic geniuses at CollegeHumor, you probably won’t see in the theater but wish you could.

Couldn’t get enough of Hermione? Wish you could see what she’d do after Hogwarts? Check out Dangerous Wands…


Dora. She’s not just for preschoolers…


Let’s not pretend you never tortured your Sims

What book, tv show, game, etc etc etc would you like to see turned into a movie?


We’re saying goodbye to the Life List Club. It’s been an exceptional experience and I’m profoundly grateful to have been part of it. Thank you to all of our readers and to the wonderful writers. Mosey on over and join the final conversation.


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