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Zombie Cupcakes: Goodies with Bite

Some of you might be thinking “Oh no! Not another zombie post.” What can I say, I saw the brain cupcakes and couldn’t resist sharing.

Plus, I know I’m not the only sicko here.


11 Strangest Zombie-Inspired Objects
via Odd Ball Knowledge

Mmmmm….brains! Actually, as disgusting as these confectionery creations look, they’re just the tip of the iceberg…

Read the rest here.

Be sure to check out the zombie wedding cake and take-apart zombie doll.

Do you think our zombie mania has gone too far? Got any zombie inspired gizmos and goodies to share?

10 thoughts on “Zombie Cupcakes: Goodies with Bite

  1. Yuck, but yummily fascinating all at the same time! I remember making green chocolate chip cookies in middle school. The color made them impossible to eat. Too many funky associations I suppose.

  2. @Sherry: Mayhap I do. LOL. I thought they might be gummy brains but chocolate covered walnuts is a great idea. I might have to try that. 😀

    @Cynthia: Whoa! I had no idea about bath salts. I’d heard of one of the incidents. Terrible. Interesting story possibilities though…

    @Emma: The wedding cake makes me want to renew my vows. Of course, my bride would be wielding a crossbow or a machete. 😀

  3. Makes me think of the time I went to hear Jonathan Maberry (Dust and Decay, etc) at the Ocean City Library. He came into the room and dumped a bag of body parts on the table and invited us to grab a few for a snack while he talked. Okay, so they were gummy candy body parts, but it was pretty funny!

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