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Abe Lincoln, President of the Vampire Hunters

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterI caught this movie over the weekend with my hubby (usually he doesn’t go for movies like this but he’s been listening to audiobook and was intrigued).

And…I enjoyed it. The vampires were reasonably scary and, perhaps most importantly, they didn’t sparkle or pine for teenage girls.

I also enjoyed the way history was woven into the story. Sure, it might not be the most historically accurate piece but, hello, it’s fiction. The vampires are kind of a dead giveaway, you know. It’s just a story that asks, “What if vampires were real and what if one of the least glamorous-looking presidents was actually a Buffy-meets-The-Matrix vampire hunter?”

I did have a few small bones to pick with the flick. The pacing was a little off in some places and there were a couple of spots where missing parts of the story were just glossed over with clumsy exposition. And I would have liked to see more character development.

But…the movie was fun and there were some very cool visuals. I give it the thumbs up if you’re looking for a little supernatural, non-sparkly vampire fun.

The novel by Seth Grahame-Smith was on my reading list before we watched the movie but I hadn’t gotten around to reading it (curse of the 60 mile long to-read list). After reading Call Me Bookish’s review of the book and movie, I’m more eager than ever to dive into the book. It sounds like the character development I missed with the movie is there along with a deeper backstory. So guess what just got moved to the top of my to-read list?

What do you think? Have you seen Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter or read the book? Do you favor one over the other? What do you think of a historical figure being used in a story like this?

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9 thoughts on “Abe Lincoln, President of the Vampire Hunters

  1. Loved the book. The movie deviated in many spots, but I still enjoyed it, especially as very scary, non-sparkling vampires were involved. The history in the book is tighter, allowing me to wander off in lovely ‘what-ifs” while reading. Enjoy!

  2. Hi, Sonia. I’m just pleased that we’re getting a story that was from an original thought! I’m so tired of reboots and remakes! Perhaps I’ll take my teenaged boys to see this. They were talking about it after the big Prometheus release a few weeks ago. I haven’t been by in a while. I hope things are well with you and yours. Take care.


    1. I hear you on the reboots. I like to see something a little different now and then. LOL. It sure seemed like Hollywood ran out of ideas and wasn’t mining and good books either.

  3. I haven’t seen the film, yet, but it is on my ‘to-watch’ list. I really enjoyed the novel–definitely straight up my alley, and I thought the execution was surprisingly logical considering the awesome absurdity of the plot.

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