Tuesday Toss-Up

What Does Your SmartPhone Say About You?

Have you ever noticed that, when you send or receive email from a smartphone or tablet, you get a little advertising in the signature. “Sent from my brand-spanking new iPhone 5600 with 3D Laser Mind Control. You know you’re jealous,” or something like that.

Okay, okay…it’s actually a little more boring than that. But don’t you wish it was a little more fun?

Instead of  advertising for you (or maybe you like that, you braggart you), your phone or tablet could highlight your insanity creativity.

Here are some lines currently rotating through my mobile email signatures:

“Sent from the alien mothership.”

“Sent from the front lines of the zombie apocalypse.”

“Sent from your phone. This is just a figment of your imagination.”

“Sent telepathically.”

What about you? Do you have a custom signature for your smart phone/tablet? What does it say? If not, what would you want yours to say?


The Life List Club is turning 1! In honor, we’re having an extra-special Milestone Party June 29. You’re all invited to join in the fun and answer a question about your own life lists:

What goal on your Life List has held the most surprise or invoked the most unforeseen benefits/changes?


16 thoughts on “What Does Your SmartPhone Say About You?

      1. @Jack: Come to the dark side….

        @David: LOL They can be so hard to figure out at first, unless you’re under 12. For some reason, the kiddos can figure this stuff out with no problem.

  1. I actually like that my iPhone has the “sent from my iPhone” signature. I tend to make a few more mistakes when responding to emails via my phone, and autocorrect likes to make even more. 🙂 I like to look at that little signature line as my explanation to anything that doesn’t make sense! 😉

  2. I don’t have an i-phone, just one of those androids. My husband has a very simple one (still in the stone age of phones) but it makes calls on its own when he puts in his pocket. Yesterday we got a bill from Pago Pago, Samoa–a pocket call for sure. I had to put a stop on all international calls, ha.ha. Those dang pockets.

    1. Eeek! I used to butt dial all the time. I finally broke down and got a flip phone so that wouldn’t happen anymore. Then, hubby seduced me over to the iPhone. Now I have an HTC, which is Android I think. LOL.

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