Where’s the Drama Button When You Need It?

Have you ever wished for a little more excitement in life? Maybe a Drama Button? You know, kinda like the Easy Button but more fun…

I’m pretty sure there’s a secret Drama Button I keep triggering at home. But, instead of exciting, fun drama like, I usually get barfing kiddos or orphaned kittens. Stuff like that.*shrug*

How about you? Do you have a Drama Button in life or have you wished for one? Or maybe an Anti-Drama Button? And would you ever a push a button like the one above?

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16 thoughts on “Where’s the Drama Button When You Need It?

  1. I fear that if we had a drama button, and I certainly like the idea, we would be too busy blogging, tweeting, tribing and facebooking to ever have a chance to push it.

  2. Oh, I so want one…

  3. Gilliad Stern

    TThere are times that a little drama can go a long way into making the day interesting, but I find the more drama, the more stress. I try to keep my day’s stress free, so I think an anti-drama button might be more my flavor.

  4. Nicole Chardenet

    I, um, haven’t wanted a drama button since the hot September morning I woke up, depressed about my life and wishing something exciting would happen. Later that morning, two planes hit the World Trade Center.

    Boring is terribly underrated. 😉

    • Yeah…that puts a damper on the Drama Button. But maybe a George button. Every time you pressed it, George Clooney would have to come running. Lol

  5. An anti-drama button would be ever-so-handy… 🙂

  6. Yep! There are times where a little adventure is a good thing. Not enough adventure to seriously wreck my life, but a little drama can just make things a little more fun and interesting. 🙂

  7. livrancourt

    Nope, don’t need one. There are days when reaching a high score on Tetris is drama enough. If I need more, there are books. I can read about someone else’s drama. 😉

  8. I keep telling my husband that we/I need to have more ‘fun’. Fun is a weak word that has not conveyed to him what I want. Maybe I should be saying drama instead. As for the button above? I’m not sure I need THAT much drama, but a scaled back version would be awesome.

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