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Do Your 20s Define Your Life?

The gloriously perseverant Jess Witkins is at the Life List Club today, talking about Dr. Meg Jay’s work and asking if the choices we make in our 20s can define our entire lives. Head on over and join the discussion.

6 thoughts on “Do Your 20s Define Your Life?

  1. looking back over 4 decades, i’d say some choices definitely do. in other choices, life is flexible – always keep an open mind…
    David in Maine USA

  2. I know that if I didn’t decide to travel the world in my early 20’s my life would be very different now, and I don’t think it would be in a good sense. They were the best years of my life 🙂

  3. I think it all depends on how you live your life. I am coming to the end of my twenties and they have been great for me. Nevertheless I do not intend them to define my life. Life is a continual process where you constantly re-make yourself based on the accumulation of all of your experiences and the opportunities that are presented to you. For some people those experiences and opportunities just tend to be more vivid in their 20’s (i.e. for them, life gets boring post-20’s) therefore it ends up ‘defining them’. If you don’t let your life get boring it will be a never-ending series of defining moments. I aim to be peaking in the second before I die, not in my twenties.

    ((N.B I couldn’t be bothered to read the link because I have a late-20’s Generation Y concentration span 🙂 but Im sure she will just talk about all the economic decisions (jobs etc) that get presented to you in your 20’s, these are of course important but they are ultimately not ‘you’.))

    1. LOL. I agree that we should always be learning, adapting and reinventing where necessary. There are definitely some decisions that can alter the course of your life but that doesn’t have to mean anything negative.

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