Tuesday Toss-Up

What Would You Say to Past-You?

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and warn yourself before you make a big mistake? A letter to your past self, perhaps. Or maybe the ability to pop in on yourself at just the right moment.

Psst, Past-Sonia, don’t eat that alfredo chicken pizza. Your stomach won’t thank you later…trust me.

Psst, Past-Sonia, you might want to start on that blog post now, this morning. You really don’t want to work on it at midnight when your eyes are burning and you can’t stop yawning.

While life is too short to beat yourself up over the past, it might be helpful from time to time to be able to go back in time and give ourselves a little warning. If you could, it might look a little like this…

Natalie Tran totally cracks me up. Plus she has a really sexy cat ;). You can find more hilarious videos on her YouTube channel.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell past-you?

23 thoughts on “What Would You Say to Past-You?

  1. I spent a lot of time beating myself over the past. Listening to my advisor in college and choosing the wrong major sent me on what I think was a bad career path for many years. I made good money but wasn’t happy. But I have learned, and life IS too short to wallow. What matters is what I’m doing now.

    Great post!

    1. Amen. What we’re doing now is what matters. And I hear you on the wrong major. I chose my original college major because I thought it was what I “should” and I put off changing it for a looooong time because I thought I “should” stick it out. Now-me would definitely tell past-me that life’s too short to do something you hate.

  2. I did the same thing as far as the course of study – doing what was expected instead of what I was passionate about. Terrible mistake. I would tell my past-me to follow my heart, my passion – don’t let a boyfriend or well-meaning family members hold you back for anything!!! Hard lesson to learn.

    1. It is a hard lesson. At least we can encourage younger people to follow their passion more. Whenever I talk to my younger cousins, I encourage them to look at what they really love and fit their school/career aspiration to that.

  3. I’m pretty happy with where I’m at in my life, but I would go back and tell myself to work out and eat less! Seriously it would nice to not add fighting my weight to my to-do list every day.

  4. The Top Five Things I Would Warn Myself About If I Could Go Back Into Time:

    1981: “Telecommunications is a lame major and you will get sick of radio & TV work after doing it for less then ten months after you graduate, and it will take you two years to actually work ten months in your field. Major in computers instead. Yes, I know you hate computers and I agree they’re totally boring in 1981 but trust me.”

    1983: “Nicole, do NOT mix Greek rose and ouzo at the Greek festival you and Stephanie are going to. You are SOOOO going to pay for this in the morning. Trust me.”

    1985: “You will totally get over that dude who broke your heart. If you accept this now it will avoid seven years of avoiding emotional intimacy like it’s ebola. Trust me.”

    1986: “Invest in Microsoft. Yes, I know you’ve never heard of it. Trust me.”

    1993: “That guy from a computer bulletin board system you’re about to meet for dinner tonight? Just be friends with him. DO NOT get romantically involved with him. Trust me, or this will be worse than the other guy.”

    I s’pose if I had to pick *one* of those things I’d pick 1986. If I got rich off the Microsoft IPO that BBS guy would never have had a chance with me and I’d be married to George Clooney today 🙂

  5. ugh! I have so totally beat myself up over the past many times.. It has consumed me at times.. I have since forgiven myself for anything I did all those years ago..

    I actually did write a letter to my past self.. I’ll have to dig it up. Great post, Sonia. 😀

  6. Ok, you may have just introduced me to my next you tube obsession – Natalie Tran. That’s pretty awesome. As are you for finding it and including it in this blog.

    Here’s what I’d say to Past Jess: “Don’t blow off doing your laundry yesterday cause you’re gonna forget you had book club tonight and never get it done! And eating all that hummus for lunch today wasn’t healthy it was coma-inducing! And you should probably get yourself a sexy cat! All the cool people have them!”

    Thanks for letting me get that out. I feel much better now.

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