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Life is Too Short

I’m posting at the Life List Blog today, talking about the lessons I’ve learned from my grandmother’s passing. Please drop by and say hello and tell us how you would finish the phrase “Life is too short to…”

Life Really is Too Short (Even When it’s Long)

LilyRecently, my grandmother passed away. And, as is so often the case with the death of a family member, the regrets came along with the sadness. Why didn’t I write and visit anywhere near as often as I should have? Why didn’t I know her better? Why? Why? Why?

I realized that life is really too short not to make sure our friends and family know we love the. It’s too short to put off that visit, call, letter or email. It’s too short not to tell them we love them as much as we can.

Life is too short to create regrets.

It’s too short to put off our dreams. Whatever it is we wish for…

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In other news, I’ll be jumping into ROW80 Round 2 next week. It’s taken me a little while to get settled in this round but it’s gonna be great one.

Check out the April-May writing challenge. It’s all about first impressions and famous last words.

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21 thoughts on “Life is Too Short

  1. My grandmother recently had a stroke and is in the fight of her life. It’s times like these that make you evaluate everything and take stock in what is important. Thanks for the post.

  2. Life is indeed too short for regrets or grudges. We need to do what we can, while we’re alive, to let people know we love them and respect them and appreciate them. And we need to do it every day. As I read yesterday, we tie our shoes this morning. An undertaker may untie them before day’s end.

  3. Life is too short to waste on self-doubt. I’m trying to start seeing things this way when I feel not good enough. ((Hugs)) to you, Sonia.

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. That’s always tough. If there is anything I’ve learned from losing two brothers, it IS that life is too short. Family issues and regret take up so much energy, and there are so many more important things to focus on. Off to read your post.

  5. I couldn’t agree more about life being too short. You do the best you can do and that’s all you can do.

    I’ve been there too ~ living with regret. Try not to stay there too long, though, your Grandma wouldn’t want you to.

    1. It’s amazing, although I wish I’d spent more time with my grandmother, all of this has showed me that life is just too short to dwell on past mistakes. All we can do is learn from those mistakes and change the way we live now.

  6. So sorry to hear your sad news. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and sending you a warm hug in friendship.

  7. You are so right, and it’s sad when we have to lose something or someone to be reminded of that. Thank you for this post–and so sorry for your loss.

  8. Sorry for the loss of your grandmother. Death of loved ones always makes us think about what we could have, should have, didn’t–do. To honor our losses is to make positive changes for the future and give attention to the ones we have now. Thoughtful post.

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