ROW80 Check Ins

ROWver and Out

Final Check In for ROW80 Round 1, 2012

The last check in. For this round anyway. I meant to be a little more introspective for this check in but…the best laid plans of mice and ROWers and all that.

let's get sleep
Is it nap time yet?

At any rate, here’s how I did for the round:

  • Write at least 3 scenes per week for MIP (planning to have a completed first draft by August 1, 2012): I didn’t hit this goal every week, but I did a fair enough job. August seemed so far away when I started this round but now it doesn’t seem far enough away. Must keep up hope though. As a wise person once said, we’re not running a race against anyone but ourselves.
  • Continue to blog 2 days/week plus Wednesday ROW80 Check Ins and Life List Club Fridays: Have nailed this almost every week and I added a new posting day, the Friday Stumble.
  • Have blog posts ready by the night before the posting day and schedule the posts to go live at 4:30 CA time: I did very well on this almost every week.
  • Visit Twitter 2-3 times daily: Hit and miss with this one.
  • Visit Facebook at least once a day/5 days per week: Hit and miss with this one too.
  • Continue to take Sundays off with the family: Mostly. Only “cheated” two days.
  • Set up a sidebar for the blog schedule: Done.
  • Update Twitter Hashtag Hula page: Done.
  • Read at least 2 fiction novels and 1 books on craft per month: last time my goal was to read 2 craft books per month but I want to be able to slow down a little and really absorb what I’m reading: I changed this goal during the round. Reading the craft books was putting me into editing mode instead of writing mode. And, over the last few weeks, I’ve struggled to keep up the reading goals too. I’m not sweating it though.
  • Exercise 3 days per week (following Itty Bitty Baby Steps idea, will start with 5 minutes, then 10, 15, 20, etc until I’m working out 30-45 minutes each time): Have done reasonably well on this.
  • Reorganize blog categories and post tags: I reorganized the categories but not the tags. I’ll carry the tags over to next round.
  • Check in with Blogging to Build Brand class with Kristen Lamb daily and keep up with all assignments: Finished the class, came away with a lot of fantastic knowledge and an awesome new blogline.
Between now and the next round, I plan to get my ROW80 page updated for Round 1 and ready for Round 2.
Find more ROW80 folks to cheer on here.
What was your biggest triumph this round? Your biggest challenge? If you haven’t tried ROW80 yet, are you planning to join us next round?
let’s get sleep! by e OrimO on Flickr| CC BY-NC 2.0

20 thoughts on “ROWver and Out

  1. I’m completely exhausted after reading this and have now confirmed what a slacker I really am. But seriously, I definitely need to be more scheduled…Good for You!!!

    1. LOL You’re too kind. I’m been trying to build more into my schedule so I can get more done. I think it looks like more than it is. Or that’s the way it feels at any rate.

      Hang in there. I’m sure you’re doing what you can right now. You’ll start to build up more as you sort out what works for you.

  2. You are an incredibly busy woman! I get tired just reading about all you have on your plate. 🙂

    good luck with everything!

    BTW, love, love, love the picture. Is he yours?

  3. That was a long list of goals and judging by your post it seems as though you did very well. You can certainly be proud of your progress.

    Good luck with everything and I look forward to following your posts next round.

  4. That’s certainly an impressive list of goals – and it sounds like you’re meeting most of them! (It puts me to shame!)
    Also – love the blog header image – did you change it to reflect your new log line?

  5. I said it before and I’ll say it again.. love the new layout! Sounds like you did a great job this round..
    and we always have to allow for that crazy thing called life to weasel its way in.. 🙂
    I have slacked on Twitter big time… I use Triberr to send out tweets and I was only on Twitter Sunday nights under #TheWalkingDead…
    See you next round, Sonia!

  6. I’ve probably said it dozens of times but the ROW80 community is one of the best online.

    By the way, I’m testing out my new speech recognition software. Dragon. I have added some but I love that it lets me work faster. Can’t wait to apply it to the MIP.

  7. Sonia, bravo on Sundays off with family. Family time, as you will see when I go live with Life List in April, on my list, too.

    Love the idea of working your way up to a 45-minute work-out routine. I’m currently on the 30-second walk to the fridge routine, and it’s working fine…

  8. That’s a mighty impressive list of success. I’m still in the procrastination stage.

    Continued success.

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