ROW80 Check Ins

As the ROW Flies

ROW80 Check In 3/14/12

Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy

Only one more check in left for this round of ROW80!

This week went reasonably well. Some of my goals will have to be carried over for next week and still others will carry over to next round. All part of the learning process…or something like that.

Where I’ve been since last Wednesday:

  • Keep up with MIP goals and exercise goals: Yep!
  • Cut back at least 90% on refined carbs (bread & sugar): Surprisingly (to me) I’ve actually cut back 85%. Working on getting it up to 90%.
  • Check into social media networks twice daily: This one’s still hit and miss but mostly hit.
  • Keep Sundays off: Yep!
  • Reorganize blog categories: Nope.
  • Prepare new posting day: Yep!
  • Select new logline for blog: Yes, indeedy!

I’m not making any new goals for this week. Just planning to keep up with my writing, blogging and social media surfing. I’m going to let the rest of my overall ROW80 goals carry over to the next round.

As promised, I’ve got a new logline to unveil for the blog. Kristen Lamb had several fabulous suggestions and the one that really caught my fancy was “In the Heart of the Labyrinth.” I think it fits me in so many ways. I love the mystery of a labyrinth and the symbolism of going deep into the self. I love the mystical aspect of the labyrinth and the scary side too. Plus, I like to think I have a lot of heart and humor (at least I make myself laugh…*blush*).

By the way, the former logline: “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” was also Kristen’s brainchild. She slices, dices and kicks internet booty. She does it all, ladies and gentleman. 😀

Thank you kindly, Kristen!

In other news, this Friday will be the first Friday Stumble. I’ll be sharing funny, interesting or amazing things I stumble upon on StumbleUpon. This week’s offering is all three, I think.

There will also be no Killer Thursday tomorrow as I’ll be hard at work sleeping in preparing for the new Friday feature.

Find more super-duper ROW80 peeps to cheer on here.

How’s the ROW been for you so far? Are you eager to be finished with this round or do you wish there was more time? Are you leaping into the next round? For those of you who have never joined in a ROW80, are you finally gonna give it a try (nudge nudge)?

Photo Credit
Happy Happy Happy, Joy Joy Joy!  by rberton, on Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

11 thoughts on “As the ROW Flies

    1. It felt so good to take on a new logline. I loved the previous one but sometimes change really kicks into gear. Have you tried one of Kristen’s classes yet? She’s pretty durn awesome at picking loglines. I need to develop that skill myself. LOL

  1. Yay Sonia! Looking forward to your Friday Stumble… I will miss your Killer Thursday… but I totally understand. 🙂
    I might shut down my Walking Dead segment for Thursdays and bring it back on Mondays when the season starts back up (I get the most hits then!)
    And yes.. I am eager to end ROW80 this round.. I kept up with most goals but was lazy about updating them.
    Have a lovely rest of your week, Sonia. 😀

      1. it is VERY hard! But I will be watching Mad Men in the mean time.. which is a very interesting show set in the 50’s and 60’s world of advertising… I have never seen so much smoking and drinking in one place.

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