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Stake, the Post-Apocalyptic Treat

Wooden Stakes

It’s the end of the world and the undead hordes are hunting down the remains of humanity.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the zombies again. Right?

Nope. This time it’s the vamps.

Say hello to Stake Land.

A great big, post-apocalyptic “thank you” to The Adventure Within for bringing this horrific little gem to my attention. The folks at TAW had this to say about the film “Stake Land is a little bit of Buffy, a little bit of Firefly, and a little bit Supernatural.” I’d also throw in 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead but they pretty much had me at Buffy and Firefly. I’ll absolutely be hunting this one up on DVD.

How about you? Does this vampire apocalypse romp look like fun or are you still Team Zombie? 

Photo Credit
Wooden Stakes by Ton Zijlstra, on Flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

17 thoughts on “Stake, the Post-Apocalyptic Treat

  1. I love the zombie culture (as you know) 😀 .. but a post-apocalyptic VAMPIRE movie? Genius!! I mean, Vamps need the living to survive, right?
    So this makes it very interesting.. will be looking for this one.

    Thanks, Sonia!

  2. I’m a zombie fan myself, although I do like Interview with a Vampire. I watched Stake Land not long ago and whilst it was engaging I thought there was something missing. It didn’t need big blockbuster effects and the gritty realism was good but it left me wanting more.

  3. This flick looks awesome. The make up looks cool, the story seems interesting, and lets face it, cornfields=scary! Definitely wanna remember to catch this movie. Spooky. And I was always on Team Vampire.

    However, LOVE Walking Dead and am extremely upset about this recent business with Dale. What the hell AMC?! I liked him!

  4. Ohh wow I so wanna see this!!

    I struggle with taking sides, I love vamps and zombies, well all supernatural creatures actually, lol. I started with zombies aged 8, then got into vamps as a teenager and have always loved both 🙂

    1. I actually used to be the most terrified of zombies (blame it on my uncles who forced me to watch the original Dawn of the Dead when I was 9). When I finally got over my fear some 20 years later…I kinda fell for them. LOL

  5. The post-apocalyptic touch makes it intriguing for the aforementioned reason regarding the food supply. For that alone I might want to see it and find out how (and if) they overcome that.
    Personally, I think vampires have been played out…for my taste anyway. By the same token, most of the really cool “zombies” in cinema are not zombies in the traditional sense. “Infected” is not the same as “undead” to me (e.g. 28 Days Later). Romero pulled it off with the Living Dead because the victims technically died before coming back…which is my only exception. Therefore, I am most certainly, decidedly, and unshakably riding the fence on this one.

    1. LOL. True. There’s a lot of play in the zombie genre. A lot of ways movies and books dip into the idea of zombies without really having true zombies.

      I hear ya on the vamps. They do seem to be somewhat overdone at the moment. But they’re sure to come around again, especially scary ones.

  6. As soon as I read “Buffy” and “Firefly” I was in. Throw in “Supernatural,” “Walking Dead,” and “28 Days Later” the deal is closed.

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