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This is How the ROW Turns

ROW80 Check In 1/18/12

This week turned out to be much, much busier than I expected. It was another mixed bag in terms of goal-getting. But I’m being patient with myself because I’m still working on those new habits. This coming week though, I’m going to extend that new-habit-focus on my MIP.

Here’s where I’ve been since last Wednesday:

  • Write at least 3 scenes per week for MIP: Nada.
  • Keep up blogging schedule: Yep! Although I didn’t post a regular Killer Thursday post, I did find something funny to share so the posting day wasn’t a total wash. And I’ve had all but one post (this one) scheduled to go 4:30am. Although I wish I could call it a perfect record, I’m still proud of only missing one.
  • Visit Twitter 2-3 times daily: Still struggling with this one.
  • Visit Facebook at least once a day/5 days per week: I’m a little short on this.
  • Start a new fiction book: Didn’t start any new fiction this week but I did finish Bickham’s Scene and Structure.
  • Exercise at least 3 days per week: Yes. I wasn’t as enthusiastic as last week but still going strong.
  • Check in with Blogging to Build Brand class with Kristen Lamb daily and keep up with all assignments: Still running behind.

I’m keeping this week’s goals the same as last so I can get a handle on incorporating better MIP-writing habits with my new exercise and posting habits.

Where I’m going:

  • Write at least 3 scenes for MIP.
  • Keep up blogging schedule.
  • Visit Twitter 2-3 times daily.
  • Visit Facebook at least once a day/5 days this week.
  • Start a new fiction book.
  • Exercise at least 3 days this week.
  • Check in with Blogging to Build Brand class with Kristen Lamb daily and keep up with all assignments.

Got your pom-poms? Find more ROW80 peeps to cheer over here.

How’s the week been for you? Was it a breeze or a challenge?

13 thoughts on “This is How the ROW Turns

  1. Progress is progress 🙂 It does sound as if your balloon is a little deflated this week but don’t let it get you down. Just keep working toward your goals. You’ll get there 🙂

  2. How did I do last week? Well … Must admit I didn’t set any goals last week, so I met ALL my expectations. You, though, are inspiring me, Sonia, with your honesty and expecially your undying hope. That, combined, gives you a kind of dautless energy. Keep it going! I will continue peeking around the corner and watching your progress.


  3. Thanks guys!

    @Ryan: It’s true. I had hoped I’d be back in the swing of things with writing. I think it’s partly a matter of all the energy going into making new habits and partly not making my MIP writing a priority. I’m going to get a handle on it this week though. 😀

    @Jay: LOL. Congrats on meeting all your expectations ;). Having to fess up to missing goals and also being encouraged by all you wonderful folk really help me with my goals. I do miss stuff in the short run but I’m getting better in the long run. At least, I hope so. 😀

    @Nicole: Yep, I know that feeling. Maybe as it warms up a little, we’ll all started feeling more energetic.

    @Darlene: Thank you!

    @Marcia: Thanks! I probably should scale back a little until I get a handle on things.

  4. It sounds like your a little down on your progress but from this angle you look very industrious. Keep your chin up.

    To answer your question, my week has been good. I scaled back my goals to be wih my daughter when she has her baby. Wait. That’s not scaling back, it adjusting. LOL

  5. At least you can admit where you feel like you’re falling behind. Last round, I just disappeared from blogging for 2 months. Hang in there. We’ll get our new habits formed eventually.

  6. Patience is a virtue 😉 Life can get busy for us all at times and we have to prioritise (even if we would rather be meeting our goals!) My first half of this week went well but Sunday’s check-in may not be so full of achievement as life has been busy for me too! Still it’s all worth it in the end (I hope! lol) 🙂

  7. Outside of ‘class with Kristen Lamb’ mine totally look very similar. Hang in there. What do they say, it takes 3 months to get into a regular routine that you stick to? Looks like you are doing great!!

  8. @Stacy: Very good point. Once the habit is well formed, it’ll be a lot easier keep up. Then it won’t feel like I’m having to steal energy from other areas of my life. 😀

    @Jenny: Thanks! I do feel so much better getting my body moving. How is that we forget that so easily?

    @Jaleh: It can be so hard to keep it all going until we find the right balance. It’s starting to get easier for me. I hope eventually it will be a whole lot easier. And for you too. 😀

    @Sharon: I’m not as patient as I’d like to be LOL. But it’s like Stacy said, we just have to keep pushing through.

    @Natasha: Thank you. Good luck on your goals too!

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