Happy Haunting!

It’s that time of year again.

You know what I’m talking about. Pumpkins, candy, assorted monsters taking off their human skin and walking around as they really are, extorting the neighborhoods for treats…

…and hauntings. We cannot forget the hauntings.

Ken Broad, of the cozy Fictional Campire, is hosting a special OctoBOOer writing challenge. He’s opening the doors to Sarahann’s Shoppe of Earthbound Souls, home to a vast collection of exquisite antiques. You’re sure to find just the right something for that special someone or you can treat yourself. Every item in the shop has a story. But choose carefully because there are no returns.

Sarahann’s Shoppe of Earthbound Souls

So who’s up for a bit of challenge? (Quite down Selena, the others can’t hear me over your wicked laughter!) This past March I spent two nights in a place that I’m going say is/was moderately haunted. While the jury is still out on what exactly I may have experienced, I have developed an interest in ghost stories (both real and fictional).

One of the stories I came across, was that of a British soldier that was bound to an antique bed which he was reported to have owned while he walked among the living. It was discovered by a couple that had bought the bed, he had no problem with a woman sleeping in it, but men where strictly NOT welcome at all! All this made me wonder (a dangerous thing I know) how many other earthbound souls remained attached to an object that had once belonged to them?

So here’s the challenge. Write a story about a haunted item. It can be of any length (I have found that good stories often know how long to be). Beyond that, go where the story takes you. Be sad, be dark, be creepy, have the character(s) live happily NEVER after!…

Read more at Ken Broad’s Fictional Campfire and be sure to check out all the great stories.

Happy haunted reading!

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